View Full Version : Banned in Connecticut!

03-22-2004, 08:21 PM
It's not exactly a celebration for smokers, since they'll be confined to the great outdoors beginning April 1, but it's definitely a night to thumb one's nose at the law. March 31 is the last evening smokers can indulge their toxic (but legal!) habit while simultaneously sipping drinks in a bar's warm interior throughout the state of Connecticut. At Boston Billiards in Fairfield and Danbury they're going all out for the special night with cigar and scotch tastings and a free buffet with smoked foods and candy cigarettes passed by old-fashioned cigarette girls. The hard-core smoking elite can reserve spots at the private cigar and cordial-tasting reception. Kurt Mathias, Boston Billiards' director of operations, talks about the smoking ban impact.