View Full Version : Tournament Venue for Midwest Open 2004

04-06-2004, 07:25 PM
Dear Players, Promoters and Exhibitors,

October 6th through 10th 2004 brings back to the Chicagoland area the Midwest Billiard Expo/Open. Here a few things that have changed for this years venue:

The Chicagoland area once again brings the game, the players and the exhibitors. We have reformulated the venue with guaranteed $15,000.00+ ADDED and have added the following events:

8 Ball OPEN limited to 512 $50.00 Entry
8 Ball Woman's limited to 126 $50.00 Entry
9 Ball OPEN limited to 256 $50.00 Entry
9 Ball Woman's limited to 126 $50.00 Entry
9 Ball Banks Event TBA | OPEN TO Pro's Race to 3 $75.00 Entry
Scotch Doubles $50.00 Entry
Ring Games
One Pocket $TBA on 9 foot Diamond tables
Senior Division (Limited to 64) $50.00 Entry
Junior Event Limited to 32 $25.00 Entry
Golf on Wednesday with the Pro(s) (Players TBA)
Pro Event (Tentative)
Mini Tournaments
APA Events ~ IL State singles (all states welcome) in different categories and other venues!
And much more!

All the events are AMATEUR venues EXCEPT THE BANK EVENT, PRO'S ARE WELCOME to play with BCA rules, (unless you play in the APA events and that is a different venue) you do not have to be a member of BCA you just have to know the rules. On our website you can download a copy of the BCA rules and the Pro list. If you are on the Pro List you cannot play.

Our main website has changed and is now www.pooltournaments.net (http://www.pooltournaments.net) It has all of the current information and is updated an a regular basis. This is the home site for The Midwest Expo/Open but also host's some of our other venues.

We have elected to only have about 50 exhibitors and have added 50 more pool tables to 130 for tournament play.

The BCA league and referee program has been sold to Mark Griffin. This does not effect any of the BCA rules or the pro list. The new website for the BCA leagues is now at www.bcapoolleague.com (http://www.bcapoolleague.com)

With the early response we have already received, we are expecting another sold out venue. Get your entry's in before it sell out!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.


Eydie Romano