View Full Version : Fraud or not, made in US cue but is not?

Cueless Joey
04-12-2004, 01:51 PM
This weekend I was at my training ground. My local cuemaker/repairman's shop. He showed me a cue that sold for $900 dollars. The inlays ( blank inlays) were made of molded resin. The ferrules were replaced as the owner requested Ivor-X ferrules instead. He removed the ferrules and was shocked it was the Taiwan variety . The ferrule was capped but shafts' ferrule tenon did not reach the bottom of the cap on the ferrules. The ferrules were also the very cheapest variety. The maker of this cue touts his own sleeved ferrules. This numbered cue did not have those ferrules( limited edition cue).
My local repairman concluded this cue was made in Taiwan. He has repaired a ton of Taiwan made cues. The joint pin looked like it was on a sleeve and was hammered in to the butt. The pin appearead to have a ring around it that was press-fitted to the forearm.
Maybe the shafts were made in Taiwan/China not the butt. If that's any consolation.