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04-28-2002, 08:59 PM
Its all over. We had a great turnout and great support from fans. To sum it up, Coltrain won, Keith McCready 2nd,Ron Park 3rd, And My Store Manager of Q-Masters, Tim Colvin placed 4th. I will give more details tomorrow, its been a LONGGGGG weekend! Goodnight

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04-29-2002, 08:14 AM
Special Thanks to Holly Ryan,

Brady’s Spring Open (Q-Master’s Billiards, Virginia Beach, VA. 7 pm / 4-28-02)
Finals Match: Keith McCready vs. Michael Coltrain / one race to 11

The finals match between Keith McCready and Michael Coltrain at the inaugural Brady’s Spring Open held at Q-Master’s Billiards in Virginia Beach, Virginia was from the word “go” a nail biting, edge of your seat experience for the crowd of 130-150 spectators. There was a sign that this final match would be excellent in game one where Coltrain, after winning the lag, fired in a two – nine bank combo into the side. Coltrain dominated the first 3 games to start the match 3-0. However, in game 4 McCready caught gear and the tide turned where, not to be denied, he answered back by winning the next 5 games in a row. A particular exciting moment in game 6, McCready after running the table to the last two balls, left himself hooked on the seven behind the nine. Undaunted, the ever colorful McCready executed a dead-on jump shot onto the seven into the corner pocket leaving near perfect position on the nine.

Coltrain in game nine came to the table with rekindled spirit and put an end to McCready’s hot streak by playing a methodical position game to bring the score to 4-5. At this near mid-point in the match, both opponents were settled into their respective games, trading safeties, great position play and bringing every arsenal within their player capabilities to offer the crowd a very exciting second half of the match.

In games 10 – 12 they traded back and forth to tie the match 6-6. For the next 2 games, Colrain again regained dominance over the table and left McCready trailing 8-6. Then in game 15, Coltrain left a window open for McCready to get back in the match when he scratched on the break. However, in the next subsequent game, McCready narrowly missed a kick on the one ball and then the cue came back down table to nudge the two ball in perfect shape for a 2 – 9 combo. Coltrain now had a two game lead over McCready making it 9 – 7. The next 3 games took all of less than approximately 5 minutes. First, Coltrain breaks and runs. On the next rack however nothing dropped on the break yet the balls were wide open. McCready in his rapid-fire style took quick advantage of this gift and ran out in no time flat. McCready keeping his groove into the next two games, broke and ran out in both, the second of which took all of 1 minute, 20 seconds making this exciting match hill-hill. Throughout, the entire match, both men deservedly received enthusiastic applause from the appreciative crowd for their excellent and entertaining play. In the last game, after a miss by each player, Coltrain regained table control and won the match 11-10 in textbook perfect position form to claim the $2400 top prize.

Also announced at the closing ceremonies was that Keith McCready took home not only the $1400 payout for second but also won the high run out of the tournament bonus of $250. Two cues were raffled. Steve Padgett won a Josey valued at $500 and a Mike Capone custom cue valued at $1000 went to tournament player Steve Morse.