View Full Version : Omen break/jump review

04-18-2004, 08:22 PM
I had just recently received an Omen break/jump cue and I would like to share with you a little review of the cue. I was currently using a Sledgehammer and decided to try out the Omen because everyone said that it was just as good. When I first opened the package I was amazed that the quality and finish of the cue. It has a birdseye forearm and a cocobolo handle. It is some of the nicest figured wood I have ever seen. It seemed a bit heavy but it is very evenly balanced which I liked. I first broke a rack of 8 ball and suprise without much effort it smashed the rack. The cb control wasnt bad. I continued to break with it and to my suprise I was getting a good spread, sinking balls and I seemed to have more cb control than I did with the Sledgehammer. The tip on the Omen is also phrenolic but the ferrule isnt. The hit was solid. The taper is also a thicker than the sledge. I believe that it may be 13.25 but Im not sure. I proceeded to break nineball from the side. I focused on hitting center ball and hitting the one ball full. I had some of the best results with the Omen than I have ever had with any other cue. I was able to control the cb on the breaks which I had a hard time doing before. Im not done try out the cue but needless to say I am actually starting to like it more than the Sledgehammer. It feels more solid and better cb control. Ill be posting more on the cue again