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04-18-2004, 09:12 PM
. Some comments from Scott

Hi all!

I find myself finally re-committing to something I've been
neglecting... the timely release of my newsletter. I want you all to
know (especially those of you who have been politely "bugging" me for
more) that I have tried to clear my plate enough to get one of these
out every month from here on out.

Please let me know your likes or dislikes and I'll do all I can to get
the newsletter reallly "dialed in" to what you all find helpful, or at
least entertaining.

Anyway, on with the show....

2. The lesson of "less is more."

Something you'll hear over and over when you hear good experienced
players talking about younger less experienced players is "less is

Although it sounds like an oxymoron, truer words have probably never
been spoken. What is meant by "less is more" in the context of playing is this: Just because you have the ability to
"play up a storm" from a speed or technical prowess standpoint,
doesn't mean you have to show it in every measure every time you

The goal is to make "beautiful music", not to show off. However, it sure
is tough to "turn off the spicket" for a lot of players. In defense,
even mediocre players get caught trying to play out of their comfort
zones. Unfortunately, playing bad is about all that comes of it.

Now, how to relate this to all of us who may not have all the technical
skill to burn?

1. Focus on the tune. Focus on being true to the style the tune is in.
..........................Scott (the piano guy)Houston

AND a piano joke:
1st guy "Have you heard my last recital?"
2cd guy "I hope so"

AND....No, this ain't my last post