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04-29-2002, 12:51 PM
Is it poosible to tighten the fit for a 3\8x10 shaft? As I'm screwing in the pin I can feel some play between the shaft and pin. Once its together is feels and hits solid. It's a wood to wood joint with the hole in the shaft with no insert. I heard to fill it with water and leave overnite? I don't want to mess the shafts up because this is a very expensive cue. Maybe nothing needs to be done but I'd like some other opinions on this.

04-29-2002, 05:03 PM
There a few ways to tighten the shaft. One way is as you mentioned, wet the inside of the female threads and allow the wood to swell. Don't really soak the wood, just get it damp. Some cue repair persons have suggested using a liquid car wax in the hole. There is some mositure in the wax, and some of the oils in the wax help to seal the wood (and the wax stops the wood/pin fron "squeaking" when tightened).

Another method that I've used is to wax the joint pin and faces with a good paste wax (wipe off most of it). Clean out the inside of the shaft hole with rubbing alcohol, or acetone to remove any oils. Allow to dry out for an hour. Then I fill the hole with a thin liquid epoxy (I use West system marine epoxy) Devcon 2 ton should work. The I screw the shaft tightly onto the pin and wipe off the ecess epoxy (use some rubbing alcohol to get all of the residue off). Allow to cure overnight, and then crack the joint free and unscrew. The wax prevents the pin from bonding permanently, and the threads will be "molded" to the pin. The threads will also be sealed to prevent further shrinkage or swelling due to moisture changes.

Other fixes include filling the hole with thin liquid superglue (like hot-stuff) allowing to cure, and then carefully tapping out the hole.

I believe that the epoxy or superglue fix is best left to an expert. The water treatment can be done at home, but please do it carefully!

Good luck!


04-29-2002, 05:07 PM
Here's a trick I use in my repair business, all of the time. Take a Q tip & get a generous amount of car wax on the tip. Try to swab the threads in the shaft( without getting any on the flat outside surface). Let the wax dry & thread the shaft onto the butt. If it is still loose do it again. Since I have an abundance of sawdust around my lathes, I dip the Q-tip into the wax then into the sawdust, then into the shaft hole. This fills the hole more quickly. If you fill it TOO MUCH you will have to find someone with a 3/8-10 tap & open it up again...JER

04-29-2002, 05:09 PM
The wax I refer to is "PAST WAX"...JER