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04-20-2004, 10:38 PM
Tuesday April 20, 2004

First of all, we appreciate all of the suggested names that have been provided for serving on the BCA Pool Leagues advisory board. Keep them coming!

If interested Recommend yourself or Recommend an individual. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

Mark Griffin's Daily schedule of meetings planned will be posted at the event registration desk. Below are the BCA scheduled meetings already planned at the Riviera Casino during the 04' event. More will be announced.

Meeting Date Time Riviera Room
Referee Staff Thursday, May 13th 4-6 pm Capri Room 112
8-Ball Rules Class Friday, May 14th 6-9pm Capri Room 112
BCA Referee Training Class Sunday,May 16th
Monday, May 17th
Tuesday, May 18th 8am-Noon & 1-5pm Capri Room 112
State Association Seminar Thursday, May 20th 1-3pm Capri Room 111
League Operator Seminar Friday, May 21 10am-1pm Capri Room 112


Pool Room Story by Bill Johnson:

After reading many of the posts in the discussion thread I feel compelled to share my perspective on Mark Griffin's acquisition of the BCA league. I have known Mark for over 15 years. I have been in numerous BCA leagues over the years in Anchorage Alaska. The past few years I have played the in-house league at the Anchorage Billiard Palace, one of the pool halls that Mark built. I don't pretend to know what it takes to run or operate a league but I can give first hand testimony on how he handled the Anchorage Billiard Palace from a customerís point of view. The Anchorage Billiard Palace is only one of many pool related endeavors that he has had great success with since I have known him, but it is the one that I have had a front row seat to for the last 15 years. A truly great room. He did everything first class and has constantly maintained the equipment and the room. He has been tireless in promoting tournaments for all skill levels. You could ! always count on a safe, well maintained room for people to be involved all aspects of pool. Over the years there must have been times when I'm sure he could have been distracted by outside pressures, but he never lost sight of what made the Anchorage Billiard Palace a great room, and kept it that way. Mark has always exhibited boundless energy for the sport of pool and endless creative potential for finding unique winning possibilities.

By way of example let me share a poolroom story:

Sometimes over the years Mark and I would match up in rather unconventional ways at the Anchorage Billiard Palace (occasionally with the help of a beer or two... at least on my part). I might wear his glasses and he would wear none, or some unusual permutation along these lines. Anyway, one day we decided we would play an 8 ball race and we would both use house cues. I would pick his cue and he would pick mine off the rack. Now Mark always had good house cues in the Billiard Palace so it should not be such a big deal, they will all be straight with good tips. He picked out a fine example of a snooker cue, 15 ounce 11 mm stick suitable for snooker balls but difficult to shoot long straight shots with pool balls as my pole of choice. Nice try I thought, but I have something special up my sleeve! I went back to the 6 x 12 snooker (golf) table. Along the wall was the 8 foot cue used for extremely long bridge shots. I grabbed this cue that could double as a fly rod and ha! nded it to Mark as his weapon. Ah HahÖ the trap snapped! I was sure I had just won the match before the opening break, we were playing on a corner table and with an 8 foot cue the walls and other obstacles are in the way on every shot. He had no chance... I was rolling around in my glory. All that was left was the enjoyable ride to the forgone conclusion. Mark however didnít see it quit the same. He laughed a bit, then he looked at the cue carefully and noticed a seam in the middle, not really a joint but the glue was loose. He carefully separated the two pieces now he had a 4 foot cue and went on to trounce me in the match. Suddenly it wasn't glory I was rolling around in any more.

The moral to this story is mark is tenacious and will find a way to manufacture a winning opportunity when one is not readily apparent. I have known Mark for over 15 years; His dedication to the sport of pool and those who play and support it is beyond reproach. He is a man of his word and is one that truly has vision. Players should be thrilled that Mark has seen an opportunity with the BCA league system and is willing to devote his
enthusiasm and passion for the sport to this league. For anyone that does not know Mark rest assured his intentions are just as he says they are. For those of you out there that are unsure about the future give Mark a chance and let him create a winning opportunity for all associated with the new BCA league. I know his heart is in it and he has the brains and business sense to make good things happen.

Bill Johnston

Mark Griffin

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