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Pizza Bob
04-30-2002, 07:05 AM
I guess this falls under the heading of “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.”

Regardless of the quality of the table, the cloth, the pockets and the cushions, someone will always find something to criticize about the table on which they are playing. Be it slow, or that it rolls off, or the cloth has a fold at the cushion end – there is always some minute detail about which we can voice our displeasure, or upon which we can lay blame for our misses.

Now lets suppose that someone invents the “Perfect” table. It always rolls true, the rebounds are always consistent, the pocket drop is exactly the same from shot to shot….you get the picture. Wouldn’t this do more to harm the game than help it? Isn’t part of the game, actually a very significant part, being able to come into a new/strange environment and be able to “read” the equipment properly and further, be able to adapt your game to the equipment? Wouldn’t having the “perfect” table just make this wonderful game of ours predictable and boring?

Before you rush to castigate me, stop and think about the controversy that surrounds the Sardo rack. This isn’t to pass judgement, one or the other on the Sardo’s invention, but didn’t this help take the variable of “hand-racked” balls out of the equation? Didn’t its very consistency actually remove an element of skill from the game?

Sorry for the rambling – I just get so tired (and I’ve done it myself) about people blaming the table for their own shortcomings. Curious to see if you think I have a valid point.


Pizza Bob

04-30-2002, 08:05 AM
Hey Bob,

You just can't make some people happy! Seriously, I have a friend Chris. He'll come over to the house and shoot some pool with me. I have a GC 2 with Simonis 860, Accufast rails 3x shimmed, and Aramith balls. I vacuum and wipe down the table once a week, and have good lighting. I check the level with a Machinists level evry 3-4 months, as the ground doesn't move much in NJ. You know what? If Chris is shooting well, not a peep about the table BUT if he's off... The pockets are too tight, table rolls off, a rail is not accurate, blah, blah blah. If he weren't a good friend, I'd ask him "What do you want for nothing, your money back?!"

The point I was making is that I think for some people, the table excuse is just a crutch for missing a shot. Granted, every table plays a little long or short/ fast or slower but you have to adjust. Every sport has variables in the playing field, why not pool. The complainers would die playing Golf! Golf, though simular to Pool, has alot more variables(wind,rain,speed of grass,lighting).

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