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9 Ball Girl
05-03-2004, 10:08 AM
The CCB III Tourney List of Players

When: Saturday, September 11, 2004
Time: 10 AM (warm up, register)
Where: Virginia Beach, VA (poolroom TBA)
Format: TBA

1. Barbara
2. 9 Ball Girl
3. RichR
4. Tom_in_Cincy
5. Eric.
6. Frank_Glenn
7. mr8ballme
8. SPetty
9. Wally_in_Cincy
10.Brian in VA
11.JMD in VA
15.phil in sofla
20.Voodoo Daddy
24.Gayle in MD

***Remember to PM me with Count Me In! in the subject line if you'd like to play. If you'd like to donate a prize, PM Tom_in_Cincy or Barbara. We're looking for a 32 player field.

So far we've got the following donations for prizes:

--1st and 2nd Place Trophies from cueball1950
--Allison Fisher series Cuetech Cue w/1x1 Guiseppe case from cueball1950
--Bag 'O Nuts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place from Barbara
--The Billiards Workbook from Doctor_D
--One case (36 count) of The Billiards Workbook ceramic mugs from Doctor_D
--2x4 leather Cowboy style case from Predator314
--2x2 Pro Series case from 9 Ball Girl
--Four 1 year Inside Pool Subscriptions from Inside Pool Magazine
--Four Inside Pool Tee Shirts from Inside Pool Magazine
--The Stroke Trainer from mr8ballme
--2 Hour Private Videotaped Lesson w/Scott Lee from Scott Lee
--<font color="blue">permanent activation key for the Pool Tournament Manager software</font color> from Mr Ingrate aka Dave
--<font color="blue">one year, unrestricted, activation key for the new Pool Tournament Director software</font color>from Mr Ingrate aka Dave

Note: On Friday, September 10, we're all meeting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn at 5 PM to go eat dinner at the TBA...

Wendy&lt;---It Has Begun...

05-03-2004, 12:14 PM
WOW.. what a list /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Good job (as usual) Wendy.....

My guess, this year will be the best ever. Only the Best weather, cold drinks, food, Fine Tables at Q-Masters and service.

Oh yeah.. and CCBIII... what more could you ask for? and it's just the first of May... we've got another 3 months to get more prizes and figure out the format of the tournament.

Who says Pool players aren't organized?

9 Ball Girl
05-07-2004, 01:54 PM
Now adding:

27. <font color="red">RedHell</font color>