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05-09-2004, 01:45 AM
For anyone with an interest in such things, here's a list of some
interesting pool-related US patents. To see any of them, go to
http://www.uspto.gov/patft/patimg.htm and enter (or cut-and-paste) any
of the patent numbers -- as shown below -- into the appropriate box.

Patent 970,172 is particularly interesting, as it seems to be the
earliest US patent for a multi-piece cue, predating the Rambow patent
by many years.

Also, the two Dan Janes design patents were assigned at time of issue
in 1994/5 to Brunswick. Does anyone know what Janes's tie-in with
Brunswick was? (Just curious...)

-- Larry


US Patents (from Classifications 473/44, 473/49)

0970172 [Bloom] Billiard cue
1252632 [Voje] Billiard cue
1527748 [Rambow] Billiard cue
4231574 [Williams] Billiard cue having a quick connector for the
handle portion thereof
4423867 Billiard cue with lateral offset
4471824 Tool for squaring cue stick ferrule and shaping cue tip
4531732 Pool table rail-mirror
4816203 Method of producing fiber reinforced plastic billiard cue
4858926 Stick for the billiard game
4943333 Manufacturing process for wooden cues to provide permanent
4949965 Pool stick shaft construction
5033614 Cue stick section straightener and protector
5123929 Specialized pool cue covering
5290030 [Medbury] Cue stick
5326329 Jump-shot pool cue
5334101 [McDermott] Connector for detachable billiard cue
5411441 Pool cue with spring loaded tip
5411441 Pool cue with spring loaded tip
5462490 Billiard cue with improved tip configuration
5514039 [Gendron] Ball striking cue with self-locking conical joint
5518455 [Probst] Quick coupling cue stick
5527224 [Probst] Quick coupling cue stick
5558584 Pool cue with sight
5643095 [Probst] Billiard cue having an axial aligning shaft-handle
5665003 Pool stick
5704842 Cue stick with guide rib
5725437 Billiard/pool cue
5735749 Carpet pool game
5749788 [Bourque] Tunable joint for a pool cue having compressive
5820473 [Lambros] Billard cue with improved joints for greater
5890966 [Costain] Quick coupling cue stick
5927894 Universal joint for extension of billiard cues
5938536 Integral low maintenance cue tip
5941778 Luminescent billiard game system
6017277 Aiming device for a billiard cue
6027410 [Costain] Quick coupling cue stick
6066051 Cue stick bridge sleeve with self-cleaning wipers
6092675 Pool cue holder attachment
6110051 [McCarty] Billiard cue
6117019 English and trajectory assistant
6117019 English and trajectory assistant
6132321 [Wethered] Cue stick joint and interchangeable cue
6155929 Laser aimed cue stick
6162128 [McCarty] Billiard/pool cue
6162128 Billiard/pool cue
6165078 Illuminated pool cue
6183371 Replaceable cue tip system
6251024 Jump tip apparatus for pool cues
6251024 Jump tip apparatus for pool cues
6267686 Pool stick for billiards training
6348006 Quick coupling cue stick
6398660 Billiard cue having a vibration damping axial aligning
shaft-handle connector
6402628 Billiards cue
6582317 [Pechauer] Pool cue self-aligning joint assembly
6602143 Pool cue tip sharpening device
6699136 Billiard cue with aiming effect
6719638 Replaceable cue tip system
6726573 Pool chalk recovery system

D0361111 Janes
D0361361 Janes

Pizza Bob
05-10-2004, 09:17 AM

When B'wick got back into the pool cue business in the early 90's, Joss manufactured one of the upscale lines of cues (I think it was called The Diamond Series). Dan also did a 150 year anniversary cue Limited Edition for Brunswick in 1995. Those are the only tie-ins that I know of.


Pizza Bob