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05-09-2004, 10:10 AM
I have been graced with a tip for my jumper that has a killer rep(Thx CC) and my idea is to retrofit the Stealth one more time with this new tip. I'm thinking about taking the Lucasi tip(paid $20 for the danged thing) currently installed on the Stealth and sliding it onto my breaker, and thought that since the Lucasi tip is still bigger than the ferulle of the break cue I use, that I'll have little centering trouble. Tell me, has anyone installed these impossibly hard material tips, phenolic & bakelite, and trimmed the tip down to 13mm without the aid of a lathe and cutting tool? I only have the Willard and the spinning tool for the drill. Is is feasable to think that the Willard trimmer will even begin to trim this tip once I get to that phase? Spiderman has done all of my other jump cue tips in his lathe, but I'm not real keen on getting into his install fees on this dual experiment, but I would if I could at least count on being able to sneak one of the two on myself. Maybe I can get on Spidey's compassionate side since he didn't buy me anything for my birthday last week, hint-hint-hint SM...sid

05-09-2004, 12:22 PM
One trick you can use when you are putting a tip on using just a razor knife is. When cutting it down cut away from the ferrule producing sort of a bell shape. Carefully cut till you have it perfect with the ferrule then begin trimming it to as near a parallel as you can . Then finish it with some sand paper not sanding the ferrule if you can help it. The phenolic tips are hard as tips go, but the materials is not that hard in general. You should have no problem doing one tip if you take your time. I would not want to be doing it everyday though.

#### leonard
05-09-2004, 12:48 PM
Sid when Willie Hoppe put on an exhibition he would with the room owners permission hit the house cues and remove the tips that he liked. It is the best way to find tips that one likes.####

Chris Cass
05-09-2004, 01:01 PM
Hi Sid,

You've got it already? I just sent it out. Wow, that was quick. Yes, I have the answer to your delema. hahaha I spell like RJ shoots. LOL J/K

Hey, the magic thing I did was use the shaft spinner and a Dremel drill with the barrel sander on the end. I fire them both up in two different directions and it works.

BTW, I wouldn't install the old Bunjee tip till you've had a chance to use the one I sent ya. You may not like it. You will have to take off the arch totally on the white tip I sent. It's amazing that it works so well. Please remember this tip is suppose to be flat. It does hold good with Duro Gel too.

I went back to the LaPro on my Stealth only because of the draw and masse factors. I can't give up that just to make a straight forward hit. It does an awesome job in getting over the ball though. I can't believe that a ball would go over something so close and still go forward. That's something Bob J and Fred might have to figure out. Oh, yes Spidey too. LOL


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