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05-17-2004, 08:27 AM
I doubt you all care, but I got to brag on my buddies a bit. The WV Moose Lodges held their annual state tournament this year in Charleston, WV. They have a Friday night open 9 ball tournament. I got creamed in it. I lost my first two sets. I hit the poker tables though and pocketed over $250 that night though. Saturday morning was the singles 8 ball tournament. There were 76 players. I placed 10th after losing my first match. I wasn't too happy with that. I expected to be in the money. The doubles 8 ball tourney started that afternoon. My partner was severly hung over and I got about 2 hours sleep so we were dragging ass. We won a couple matches but didn't shoot for crap. I'm not sure what we placed here.

After the crappy showing on Friday and Saturday, I was severly aggrivated with my game. I was dog tired, but needed to unwind because I felt like I could fly off the handle at any moment. A few of us hit the bar and really had a good time. This also meant another night without much sleep though. I woke up Sunday morning, surprisingly without a hangover. I felt good.

The teams event was Sunday. The teams consist of 4 players. The first team to win 4 games wins the match. Each player shoots a singles match first. If a team didn't get their 4 wins, you play a doubles match, then another doubles match with the other two player if needed, then if the score is tied after that, you pick a player from your team to shoot the sudden death tie breaker.

Sunday I was stroking the balls. I don't think I missed a ball. I was getting out from everywhere. My doubles partner was shooting great too. He got out on a rack that I believe most pros would have difficulties running. The other two players on the team weren't doing so hot though. They just weren't hitting the balls good. We ended up getting 4th in the teams event. However, the Princeton Lodge sent 3 teams to the tournament and the Princeton #2 team won the state event. This was the 4th year in a row.

1st - Princeton #2
2nd - Charleston #1
3rd - Parkersburg
4th - Princeton #3 (us)
5th (T) - Princeton #1
5th (T) - Nitro #2

None of the Princeton players placed too well in the Friday 9 ball, but in the singles 8 ball, Princeton players made up 8 of the top 10. And in the doubles tournament Princeton teams got 2nd and 3rd.

We didn't do as good as last year. Last year Princeton won every tournament. I definitely didn't do as good as I did last year. Last year I placed no lower than 5th and was in the money every tournament.

The International tournament comes up early next month in New Castle, Indiana. We are sending a super-strong team up there. Princeton has never won an International team event, but has come in 2nd quite a few times. I think this might be our year if everyone keeps their heads on straight.

05-17-2004, 09:13 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Predator314:</font><hr> I doubt you all care, but I got to brag on my buddies a bit... <hr /></blockquote>

No problem here. I'm glad somebody is doing well in a team event. Here in Hamiltucky I have little to brag about. Ya know, sometimes the balls just roll funny.......