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05-02-2002, 02:32 PM
When either my back, neck, elbow, wrists or fingers are hurting enough to keep me from descending to my basement to play pool, I sit in front of the TV and hope that the pain quickly subsides. My significant other watches HGTV as often as I would watch a channel dedicated to pool. So anyway, I've been noticing a considerable jump in the number of pool tables that people are adding to their new or newly re-modeled homes, condos and lofts. People of all ages, single and married. Where there's a table there are accessories. It shows that interest is growing and dollars are being spent. Hopefully the TV execs will notice and we'll see more pool without all of the repeats. Some (most) (OK,all) of the pool rooms shown on HGTV are much nicer than mine but I'm not complaining.I hope everyone has fun playing. Jim B

05-02-2002, 04:28 PM
Although you may be seeing more and more pool tables on HGTV (my wife LOVES that show), it means very little about the attraction of the game to those who own the tables.

Here in Texas, my brother-in-law is a builder of fine custom homes (in the range of $1.5 million and up.) He owns one of these beautiful homes that he builds and he has a pool table in his "gameroom." I asked how often he plays. He replied "Hardly ever. I use it mostly to lay out designs and blueprints on."

"Why a pool table?" I asked.

His response: "Homes like these need a pool table."

"Need?" I asked.

"Most of the customers I build homes for want a pool table in them. They don't really play the game. They just want one because they have room for one, their neighbors have one and the home designs they look at when deciding on features, etc. show pictures of homes with pool tables in them. One client bought a table with red cloth AND red ANODIZED ALUMINUM POOL CUES TO MATCH."

Aluminum pool cues? Now THAT'S a pool player.

Pitiful, isn't it?


Ken (wants a $1.5 million dollar home with a Brunswick GC in the gameroom and a red anodized Ferrari in the garage)

05-02-2002, 05:13 PM
I was talking to one of the local Connely dealers a while back and he said the same thing. The guys want the tables in the house because they like the game, the wifes want the table as a decoration. He talked about wifes picking cloth to match the room and even mentioned a wife who asked about zebra striped cloth for a table.


05-02-2002, 08:23 PM
Have you ever noticed how many Basset Hounds are used in major nation advertising campaigns. Seven years ago at a three day pool tournament I had way to many cocktails and somehow I came home with an 11 week old Basset Hound. Strange huh, do you suppose if I went to a dog show............

05-02-2002, 09:08 PM
1.5 million and up? They could buy me a pool table and write it off as a charitable contribution. Sounds good to me. /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

05-03-2002, 08:16 AM
And it's not just HGTV. MTV's Cribs and ESPN's The Life both go into the homes of celebrities an they all seem to have a game room with a pool table in it. Ricky Williams showed off his pool table and spoke of trying to improve his game. I think one the ways to market pool would be to have celebrity/pro tournaments on TV. It would be good exposure and help raise the image of pool.

Any one on the board a table retailer? Our local dealer says they are selling lots of tables. Even if only half of the people play on them, that shows a great increase in the popularity of our sport.


05-03-2002, 08:30 AM
I remember something like that being on TV. I don't remember if it was golf and pool or just pool, but I do remember there were several NFL players that were some pretty good shooters. As I recall it was for charity.

05-03-2002, 11:56 AM
I posted elsewhere about an article in Cigar Aficionado in which they talked about antique tables. They were clearly presenting the tables as status accessories. They only mentioned playability once, but didn't even bother to define it.