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05-19-2004, 10:17 PM
No Downloading Secrets From the Internet

By Al Kamen

Monday, May 10, 2004; Page A23

Some top administration officials may have been slow off the mark in reading the Pentagon's report on U.S. abuse of Iraqi prisoners. But Senate staffers, especially those on the relevant armed services, intelligence and foreign relations committees, rushed last week to check things out.

But not so fast. Some Senate aides may have forgotten to go through proper channels to obtain this very secret document by downloading it from the Internet. This is not acceptable behavior.

"As you probably are aware," Mike DiSilvestro, director of the Office of Senate Security, said in an e-mail Wednesday afternoon, "National Public Radio obtained a copy of the DoD report, classified SECRET/NOFORN, and posted it on the NPR website. Naturally, the report is of interest to many Members and staff. If you have not already obtained an official copy of the report from DoD, please do so, rather than printing or downloading the report from NPR."

So NPR, which during the Cold War was affectionately called Moscow on the Potomac, had the report? No matter. "DoD still considers the report classified," DiSilvestro said, "so we do not want classified reports on our unclassified systems, or printed versions floating around outside classified document control systems.

"Please advise your staff not to download and/or print the report from the Internet. They should review official copies that you obtain through normal channels. Staff should inform Members that, despite its public appearance, the report remains classified."

DiSilvestro said he had asked DoD if it intends to declassify the report anytime soon, and was awaiting a reply. "I will let you know as soon as I hear something."

A few hours later, Cindy Pearson, assistant chief clerk and security manager for the Senate Armed Services Committee, followed up with an e-mail to her folks saying that DiSilvestro still hadn't heard from the Pentagon. "In the meantime, Mike asks that if you have downloaded a copy of the classified report from the NPR website, please call OSS and advise them, and they will come by your office and pick it up."

As of Friday afternoon, the report was still classified.

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Federal bureaucracy. Sheesh.