View Full Version : Balls & Shafts tourneys results

05-24-2004, 01:53 PM
Well we had our 2004 Balls&Shafts tourney out of our local bar on Saturday. It was pretty fun. It started with 33 teams of 2 players playing a best ball 9holes of golf in a 4some to discourage cheating. During our round we had a torrential downpour which kind of hampered some play. We finished with a +2 score which was 4th best. A team that was at -5 had a USGA 4 handicap player knocking it close all day.

We then went back to the bar for a large sub sandwich, potato/macaroni salad and chips lunch. Then the scotch doubles pool tournament began with your same golf partner. It was one single game of scotch doubles per matchup. Each game won took 2 strokes off your golf score, but a loss added two strokes. Since my partner and I were down by 7 strokes already we needed to win at least 4 more games in the tourney than they did. They had an easy route through the winners so we decided to lose our first match and play more games in the losers to catch up those extra points. So we did that and began our climb through the losers only to have my partner not get a rail on a safety attempt and give ball-in-hand to the other team. Which the preceeded to run out. Disappointing cause he is better than that.

We came in 5th place out of the 33 teams which was good enough for our entry back plus $20 each. And we got free golf/pool/t-shirt/lunch/door prizes. So it was a good time for all. They are having another one July 31st so we should do better that time.