View Full Version : Player's Nightmare

05-03-2002, 10:26 AM
It was the finals of the local BCAPATAPPA tournament, and if I win this game, it's fame, fortune, Disneyland, perhaps a rating upgrade to a 2 next season. It was my turn to rack, and I realised I had no change for the table. My opponent refused to help out, no one in the room would listen, and the tournament director gave me 10 minutes before he would declare a forfeit. i rushed out and ran into a hillbilly zen master, Okie Wan Kenokie. "I need change" I said, and he replied "change comes from within". Entering a nearby bar, I saw a good-looking brunette, sitting alone. I'll but her a drink, I figured, get some change and maybe.. "Hi, how are you doing?" She looked over and said "I'll screw anyone, anytime, anyplace; it doesn't matter to me" "What law firm do you work for?", I asked as I left the bar. It was only then that I woke up; some nightmare! At the Bar Pool Championships, in Reno, Nv. a player in both the finals and semi-finals had to ask the audience for change to rack the balls, what if....?