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05-28-2004, 09:50 AM
Stars ready for Pot Whack
By Chris Charles
At Dagenham Boxing Club

Snooker star Quinten Hann is ready to fight all of his rivals - after it was confirmed he will face Mark King in the boxing ring.

Hann admitted he has often felt like punching an opponent during a match - and can't wait to get it on with his old adversary at Bethnal Green's York Hall next month.

The pair came face to face at Dagenham Boxing Club for the weigh-in to promote their ABA-sanctioned bout - dubbed 'Pot Whack'.

"I've only played Mark twice at snooker since turning professional and beaten him both times," Hann revealed. "But this is obviously a bit different!"

The fight - to be held on 11 June - is the result of a simmering feud going back to their junior days, which resurfaced during the World Snooker Championship last month.

Australian Hann challenged Andy Hicks to a scrap after words were exchanged during their first round match - and King stepped in to take Hicks' place.

Hann, renowned for his bad-boy image, admitted he was not the most liked player on the snooker circuit, but said it didn't bother him.

He told BBC Sport: "I wind a lot of the players up, but King isn't that popular either. Most of the other players will be at ringside and providing I beat him, I will fight anyone in snooker.

"Loads of times in the past I've wanted to chin another player during a game, but obviously you can't do that - so bring it on in the ring!"

King was equally upbeat, insisting: "I'm not going there to lose, I'll tell you that much. The bookies have got me as favourite and I'll be looking to justify that - even though neither of us has boxed before."

The pair have enlisted the help of top trainers to get them in shape and will be going toe-to-toe over three two-minute rounds in a charity bout sponsored by EA Sports game Fight Night.

"He's got no chance - I hope it only goes one round," said King.

"Quinten isn't that well-liked. We've never got on since we were kids. One time we were practising and he told me I was no good. So I played him for £500 and I won - and he accused me of being a bully.

"We'll see who comes out on top on the night."

So is this really the future of snooker - any arguments and it's off to get the boxing gloves on?

Hann certainly thinks so. "It's good way to sort out differences," he said.

"Plus the fact, it's probably the only way for anyone to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan - he's too good on the snooker table, that's for sure!"

I know Mark King and he is just as mad as Q Haan.

Go Mark. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Qtec.... /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

05-28-2004, 01:17 PM
<font color="blue">This matchup might be a bit more civilized than the one you describe..... </font color>


Manny vs Bata
SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin M. Henson
The Philippine Star 05/25/2004

If uncrowned world featherweight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao is thinking of embarking on a second professional career in billiards, he’s got the perfect opportunity to test his skills against the inimitable Efren (Bata) Reyes in a proposed exhibition match.

A letter proposing the match was sent to Pacquiao’s business manager Rod Nazario last Saturday. The letter was signed by Geri Ong of PRO Solutions Management Inc., public relations counselor for ESPN/Star Sports and Dinzo Tabamo, special projects coordinator.

The Pacquiao-Reyes dream duel was originally planned as the highlight of the fifth and final leg of the San Miguel Asian 9-ball Tournament here on May 28-30. But organizers decided to make it a separate event to be held in a later date.

Reyes, Django Bustamante and Warren Kiamco are among the stars competing in the San Miguel Asian 9-ball Tour.

"It’s well known in the sporting world that Manny has a passion for pool," wrote Ong and Tabamo. "And Bata knows this, even hinting that he would like a friendly match with Manny if they happen to cross paths in the US."

The idea is to pit the two Filipino heroes in a celebrity game where they can treat their fans to a display of cue artistry.

Pacquiao is no slouch in the pool hall. He’s joined competitions before. Sure, he’s been victimized by hustlers but that’s part of the learning experience. Pacquiao is no stranger to licking his chops. He knows the game of give and take.

The match wouldn’t be about one-upmanship. It’d be about sportsmanship. Reyes is by far the more skilled player and he could probably beat Pacquiao with one arm. But you never count out the kid with the big heart.

Pacquiao bought himself an expensive stick in the US and uses it to clean up the table. He’s candidly admitted considering a career in billiards after hanging up his gloves.

For sure, Reyes wouldn’t mind obliging Pacquiao in an exhibition even if he’s got nothing to gain and everything to lose. Pacquiao takes the challenger’s role in such a matchup and he’ll be the underdog. Pacquiao plays harder when the odds are against him.

"For Manny, it would sustain the media coverage on him while at the same time not focusing on boxing, allowing him to rest and recuperate in that aspect," wrote Ong and Tabamo. "The exhibition game will show that he is a champion who has other passions outside of the ring, that for him life goes on. When it’s time for rest and recreation, he plays with the best and when it’s time to go back to the gym to train, he can defeat the best."

The Pac-Man versus Bata may not be the mismatch it appears to be.

Harold Acosta
05-29-2004, 04:18 PM
Qtec, send this info to Matchroom Sports, maybe they can televise it!