View Full Version : Pausing in 3C stroke

phil in sofla
05-28-2004, 04:18 PM
I guess most of us know that a noticeable pause at the end of the final backswing is fairly standard (is it universal? don't know) in snooker players.

One place I play, the Corner Pocket in Wilton Manors, is a local 3C mecca, 4 heated Verhoevens (w/ 18 or so regular 9' pool tables as well), but I don't watch those games much. Last night, the current US National Juniors 3C champion was playing pool on the house table alone, so I joined him to hit a few racks. I brought up the pausing in pool, and he mentioned that it is the standard thing to do in 3C as well.

I was surprised, mainly because I've seen him play some pool before, and glanced at many 3C players for a stroke or two, and never picked up on that pause. Either I'm so used to it now that it isn't noteworthy to see it, or maybe they have a shorter pause that is harder to pick up.

But I thought it interesting that the two other cue sports, besides pocket billiards, teach the pause as a standard part of the stroke, whereas it is seemingly optional at best in pool, not any obvious majority of top pool players doing it, and I've even heard some claiming a pause is incorrect, as it takes away a rhythm or a natural stroke (which I don't buy).

Have you noticed 3C players pausing? Is it very brief, or more the 1-second variety?