View Full Version : Is variety the spice of life in pool?

06-01-2004, 08:45 AM
I haven't played anything but 9-Ball for the last year or more (except for a little casual 8-Ball with my Dad). Got steered to an 8-Ball tournament last night. Got there early to warm up, and the guy on the next table--one of our best local players--was shooting straight pool by himself. (He told me that he started playing straight pool in south Florida, of all places.) Anyway, I never see any 14.1 played around here, and watching this guy work really got me cranked up. Then I played in the 8-Ball tourney and found that entertaining also.

Today I'm eager to get to the PH, work on some things--maybe try a little straight pool. Different games emphasize different skills, but beyond that, I think it may be a good idea to change games now and then just to keep fresh, keep your enthusiasm up.


06-01-2004, 10:14 AM
I tend to agree with you. Like you, I mainly play 9ball. I'm not a big fan of 8 ball but there is an art to it. Each game has it's own merits and the skills required tend to overlap from game to game. Shots that come up in one-pocket come up in 9ball and in 8 ball and straight pool etc.

So it's good to play different games - both to avoid boredom and learn new things.

Scott Lee
06-01-2004, 11:01 AM
Amen to that! A REAL poolplayer plays ALL games (at least at some competency level), and enjoys them all!

Scott Lee

06-01-2004, 11:17 AM
Play every game on the table including billiards and snooker. You will have a favorite but you should know something about all game if you are to be a pool player. I used to know an old player named Gean Skinner. I saw him more then once back down some smart-assed player with the offer of pick any five games out of the book and he would pick five and they could play for what they wanted. That is where players like Danny D., Grady, Miz, Sigal, and a few others are real players. They play all games even snooker, billiards, golf at top levels. To be honest, I don't think Earl is an all around player and could not take the Skinner bet from quite a few players. I would take Sigal right now over Earl in that kind of bet and maybe even Danny D. although Danny doesn't play much at all any more. I am sorry to say that some players like David Howard (US open champion) could not beat many players in an all around match yet they are highly regarded as players. Just my opinion.

Fred Agnir
06-01-2004, 11:42 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Popcorn:</font><hr> To be honest, I don't think Earl is an all around player and could not take the Skinner bet from quite a few players. <hr /></blockquote> Considering that Earl has a World 8-ball Championship in his resumé from just a few years ago, a trick shot championship last year, and a high run on his tight table of over 400, I think he deserves a little more credit in the all-around department. I've personally seen him run over a 100 in straight pool the "correct" way.


Chris Cass
06-01-2004, 12:08 PM
Hi Alan,

You've gotten the best advice here already. I would like to point something out though. I started this sport playing straight pool and played every game there is to play. I am a jack of all but an ace at none. It's your choice but I can play proficient in all the games. My game of choice? This varies, what ever my opponent likes to play, I will. I've even played games like Balentee a Mexican game. I once spent two or three mths playing carom pool with some of the best Vietnameese players. Just to improve my 9 ball game.

It's all up to you. I love pool and every game is a challenge. I'm envious of some that only play one game sometimes but I know, no matter where I go. I can find a game that doesn't scare me.