View Full Version : Bank, Bank, Bank at The Midwest Expo/Open!

07-01-2004, 01:43 AM
New info has just been added to our site www.pooltournaments.net (http://www.pooltournaments.net) got a feeling this one will sell quick! For more info call Bob at 630-254-3396

Tournament Director John Lavin

Bank Pool Tournament

Players meeting TBA

Limited to 128 Players

Play on 7 foot DIAMOND SMART Dollar-op tables. All tables will have Aramith Super Pro and red circle cue calls. All Diamond tables have 860 Simonis cloth for the BEST in tournament play.

$50.00 Entry fee (Players pay for tables)

Race to 4 (Single Elimination)

Flip for initial break, alternate breaks follow.

Cue Ball fouls only.

Any ball off the table is a foul.

Races still in progress after 1- 1/2 hour time slot will be put on the clock for 15 minutes - then refer to the count.