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07-02-2004, 12:25 PM
The FDA has given approval, to market a new portable defillibrator, that anyone without training can use to save a life. This should really save thousands of lives each year.The first few minutes after an attack are the most important. My friend had a major heart attack while waiting to tee of in the SF city tournament..his heart stopped, but two off duty fireman resusitated him. He's now back playing golf (had been the defending champ, in his age bracket)
I tried once to save somebody, using a technique I saw in the motion picture, "The Prize"
I ripped off the wires to a table lamp, and applied the bare wires to the chest area....I'm pretty sure though,the burns didn't kill him...actually, i think he choked to death on some food stuck in his throat.
Anyway, here's the article:
The Powerheart G3-Automatic device is a new generation defibrillator that gives voice instructions to a rescuer explaining how to attach the device to the victim. The Powerheart automatically analyzes the patient's condition and if necessary delivers a shock to restore the heart's normal rhythm.

Automatic external defibrillators are portable and can be used by police, fire and ambulance personnel. They are also being deployed at places such as airplanes, airports, train stations, offices and restaurants.