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07-07-2004, 10:13 PM
First off, I want to introduce myself, I'm Ivan and I've been playing pool for a little more than 7 years. I'm 17, turning 18 in November, and very glad to find a forum where I can chat about pool. Now moving on...

I've been playing with $25-50 Walmart cues for those 7 years, and I have finally decided to promote myself and get a new, and improved cue. What would be a good cue, around $150-200? I use a lot of english, which might affect what kind of cue i want right?


07-08-2004, 12:18 AM
Hi Ivan, Welcome to the boards /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

If I may suggest, post this over one the main board, the one called cue chaulk board, that is where you will get all your answers to things relating to pool.

This if for questions about posting and getting around within the boards themselves.

07-08-2004, 11:01 PM
I will repost this on the other board.