View Full Version : Cue Repair needed....Help!!!

07-09-2004, 03:10 PM
I've recently taken the rubber bumper and weights on the butt of my custom cue off. I did so because the WOOD SCREW holding it all together got stripped and came loose.Rather than fixing it with a bigger wood screw, a wood dowling insert, glue, or other Mickey Mouse measures I'd like to have some sort of a threaded aluminum insert bolt installed, so that I never incur this problem again.

Do any of you cue repairmen know where I could order such an insert and what insert do you recommend I should order.Also how much work labour wise would you estimate such a repair to be.

I'm asking this because I'm thinking, using a wood screw to hold a butt cap on isn't such a good idea due to the problems I've incurred.I've never, ever abused the cue and I'm thinking of asking the cue maker to make the repair for me either free of charge or at least at a split or reduced cost.Am I being reasonable or should I just bite the bullet and pay the whole thing?Any suggestions?

The cue otherwise looks and hits great and I'm otherwise really satisfied.I just think that using a wood screw to hold a butt cap on a cue was the only flaw to an otherwise over all good cue.Out of respect to the Custom cue maker,(who is relativley new) I'll keep his name anonymous for now.I will also advise him of the flaw so he can make the improvements on his future cues and work out a way to fix mine.Thanks RJ

John G
07-09-2004, 03:57 PM
No, you wouldn't be unreasonable to ask the cuemaker to repair it free. A Butt cap should never just come off period. I've heard a lot of excuses as to why it happens and it's all bs. I've never lost a Butt cap from any cue I ever built.