View Full Version : WPC Prediction Contest

07-13-2004, 04:34 AM

I'll try to run a prediction contest for the 2004 World Pool Championship.


Hopefully the draw will be made available in time. Do any of you know at what time the first matches start on Wednesday?


A little bit about the format

This is your chance to guess all the winners from the first round to
the final!

Points will be awarded for every correct match winner. The points
range from a single point for a first-round winner to 32 points for
the tournament winner.

Simply click the name of the player you think will win a match. The
next round's matches will be displayed automatically. This continues
all the way to the final. After you've finished please go to the
bottom of the page to register your personal data. After this you need
only press the "Submit" button for your entry to be registered.
Problems? Please let me know!

Good luck!

NB! Entries must be submitted before the tournament begins. First
session starts Wednesday 14th July 2004. There can only be
one entry per person. If several entries are made by the same person,
the latest will be chosen.

Hermund Årdalen