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05-08-2002, 02:09 AM
This new medical discovery may help explain inconsistency in pool shooting. Your hormones might be pulsating. You've heard of PMS in women? This is the same thing in men but can occur at any time. It is called IMS: Irritable Male Syndrome. It is caused by insufficient testosterone that leads to sluggishness.

Men need to unbind their testosterone... set it FREE!

<font color=purple>Recommendations by the Medical experts include:</font color=purple>
<font color=blue>Avoid losing interest in football during the playoffs, even if your team is not in them.
Eat more meat.
Baste, but do not marinate, in testosterone.
Have more sex.
Avoid stress, don't worry about anything.
Avoid female hormones, they're problematic.
Take a trip to Italy. Carry a sword. Wrestle tigers.
Don't eat black jellybeans.
Increase blood flow to the head of your penis.
Get massages from your wife, or whomever.</font color=blue>

Male hormones are pulsating hourly, which may explain quick transitions from good aiming, focus, and concentration to poor in a short amount of time.

<font color=purple>Below are edited excerpts from an article by Jean Lawrence from her Healthy Men column on the Web MD section of msn: You can read the entire article at <a target="_blank" href=http://content.health.msn.com/content/article/1685.53143>http://content.health.msn.com/content/article/1685.53143</a>, but it is recommended that you don't waste your time as it's all summarized below. Note: Take this advice at your own risk. I am not responsible for the results you achieve. Consult with your physician, local politician, spiritual leader, and psychic reader.</font color=purple>


It's not just women who are susceptible to shifting hormones. If a man is behaving like a bear, he could be suffering from what's being called "irritable male syndrome" or IMS.

"Men have hormone problems just like women," declares Cindy Esterly, a certified aerobics trainer in Phoenix, who often helps men better manage their hormones.

Gerald A. Lincoln, a researcher at the Medical Research Council's Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently coined the term "irritable male syndrome" (IMS) to mirror the infamous PMS in women. Lincoln says these hormone imbalances can manifest at any time.

"Men's hormones pulsate hourly, compared with every 28 days for women, " confirms Larrian Gillespie, MD, a retired Southern California urologist and author of The Gladiator Diet: How to Preserve Peak Energy at Any Age.

Lincoln first noticed IMS in Soay sheep, a hefty, curly-horned species given to noisy rutting rituals surpassing even Sunday football. In the autumn, he found, the rams' testosterone levels soar and they rut like mad. In winter, the levels sag and the rams lose interest in the opposite sex and are "nervous and withdrawn"

"Irritability-anxiety-depression syndromes associated with withdrawal of sex are well recognized in the female," Lincoln notes in his study, which appeared in Reproduction, Fertility and Development. "The occurrence of a potentially similar behavioral syndrome following withdrawal of testosterone has received less attention."

Symptoms of IMS

Declines in testosterone according to Gillespie and Esterly, can occur at any time in any male as a result of diet, environmental factors, or stress.

Your total testosterone level should be 400 nanograms per deciliter. Free, or unbound, testosterone should be 25-30 picograms per milliliter. "No one really knows the ideal level of testosterone," Gillespie adds. "The bound kind converts to estradiol, a female hormone, which can cause problems. It's the unbound kind that's gold."

Esterly, often gets referrals to help men tweak their hormones. What can you do if you think your hormones might be out of whack? Gillespie says some men may need to supplement with testosterone. But she warns: "When it comes to hormones, you want to baste, not marinate."

Take a look at your diet. Meat contains a number of hormones. And stress increases corticosteroids, which have been shown to depress testosterone. There are many roads to Rome -- and Rome is where gladiators live.

Gladiators are fit, trim, and can wrestle tigers all day, Gillespie says. She recommends men eat a diet that's 40% protein, 35% carbs, and 25% fat. Eat butter to jumpstart the gallbladder. Avoid licorice, even the amount in four black jellybeans can drop testosterone in a heartbeat, Gillespie notes.

Take heart, men! It's easier for you to diet and reduce IMS -- because you have half as much leptin as women, a substance that causes fat to be stored as love handles. Exercise is good: -- Gillespie says leg presses dramatically increase blood flow to the head of the penis.

Wives, Take Note

"Many wives start this program to help their husbands..." Esterly confides. "They may apply progesterone cream to their husbands during a massage.

Originally published May 6, 2002.
Reviewed by Gary D. Vogin, MD.

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Hey Tom, I always thought it was the beer but I could be wrong. LOL

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I'm pretty sure that avoiding estrogen and getting laid more are dichotomous goals, but what do I know??