View Full Version : Got the shaft from ebay

07-16-2004, 11:38 AM
Ok so a customer calls me and tells me that he just got a new pool table off of ebay. im like well thats kewl what kind did you get.he tells me he not really sure, but knows it was made in china. Then he goes on to tell me how that does not hve the right size rails. i say do you mean the rubbers that the ball hits ect...

surry got away with myself. so make it short he got shafted on the rails insted of getting 9foot rails he got 7footers.

now this may sound like an odd question but does anyone have any clue what i could tell this guy. any help would be great.

07-17-2004, 07:15 AM
Has he notified the seller yet?

07-17-2004, 07:46 AM
He didn't 'get the shaft from EBay' - he got the shaft from a seller on EBay - Sellers on EBay can be compelled by EBay to correct problems with buyers. Among other things they can be denied the right to participate in any future auctions if they fail to deliver the goods as promised. The threat of losing the right to sell their goods on EBay can be a very big deal to merchants who regularly sell their products that way.

Negative feedback from unhappy customers is another weapon that can be used to influence a vendor to make good on any problems that occur upon delivery. Would you buy from an EBay vendor with a reputation for delivering products with bad or missing parts? Most people would run for cover if they thought they weren't going to get what they paid for. So, basically, it's the threat of loss of future sales that's the biggest hammer your customer has to compel the EBay vendor to deliver everything that was originally promised.

When a buyer on EBay wins an auction a legal contract is created between buyer and seller. That contract is binding and includes the condition that the product delivered is the same as what was described by the seller during the auction. Failure to fulfill the conditions of the contract on either parties part are grounds for a lawsuit.

Your customer can get recourse here - they just need to follow up on their problem by contacting EBay and threatening the vendor with consequences if they fail to correct the problem for which they are entirely responsible.