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07-21-2004, 04:28 PM
Our local paper comes out once a week, and the news this week is not good.....
Couple's dream wedding plans were ruined, when their vehicle refused to start. The groom was supposed to arrive on his tractor, and after the ceremony, whisk his bride away on it.Actually the plans called for him to drive down the aisle...talk about romantic...
A local city manager pleaded not guilty to misconduct charges. Seems he authorized the improper removal of lead-based paint from the front of city hall. This carries a max sentence of a year in jail, and/or a $5k fine. I'm not sure what the actual charges were...probably "aiding an abating"
And we got us a new health clinic, next to the Save-On supermarket. Three of the top staff are featured in the accompanying photo. The nutritionist, executive director, and a board member. Now the board member looks like she's won a few tractor pulls in her life...we're not just talking weight, we're talking tonnage here, folks...not a good ad for their nutrition program
And, inflation has cast it's ugly shadow here...they're forced to ask for a $2 donation to the Harvest Days Festival...since the rental fee for porta-potty's has gone up 60% this year.
And finally, this wasn't in the local paper, but apparently someone, maybe Sandy Berger, has leaked classified info from the Jeffry Dahmer autopsy. When the coroner was checking the intestinal tract, he cried out "Oh, my God". when they asked him "what's wrong?; what do you see?" He replied "I see dead people"
Ok, I made that up...Sandy is innocent