View Full Version : Opinions / Comments on BCA Hall of Fame Selections

05-08-2002, 05:46 PM
Congrats to Jim Rempe and Loree Jon Jones for their selection in to the BCA Hall of Fame, as reported on the BD home page. Both players are very deserving, but I'd like to offer a few comments - which will likely get me in trouble - nothing new to me here (LOL).

How could Rempe, Hall and Varner all be in the HOF and not Allen Hopkins? How is it possible that Mike Massey has never (to my knowledge) even yet to make the ballot for HOF consideration - with all he has done for the game in his career as the premiere trick shot performer of all-time? Efren and Earl have to this point been passed over - perhaps two of the greatest tournament players in the past few decades.

My final beef, not including her unprecedented snooker titles (which should IMO have already earned her an HOF induction) Allison Fisher won more WPBA titles in the first 5 years of her WPBA career than LJJ did in her nearly 25 year WPBA career. No knock on LJJ, but she amassed most of her titles very early in her career (before Jeanette, Allison and Karen) when her only other real quality opponent out there was Jean Balukus and maybe Robin Bell. Yeah, LJJ is still going through the motions on tour but has practiced very little for quite a few years now. She has not won a tourney since 1996, and she continues to hang on (borderline top 10) only because the quality of play outside the top 10-15 players is still relatively weak. By comparison - any of the veteran male players (from the 1970s and 1980s) who wish to remain competitive MUST and DO still put in their time and continue to pay their dues to keep up with the younger players.

It appears to me a player can never be elected to this elite group until they are well past their playing prime - regarless of how impressive their credentials may be. The only rare exceptions to this being Mizerak (elected at age 36), Balukus (elected at age 26), Mike Sigel (elected at age 36), and Nick Varner (elected at age 44) but still going strong new a decade later. I believe there is no question that Reyes, Strickland and Fisher are all currently deserving of includsion in to the HOF. - Chris in NC