View Full Version : Attention BCA Team Captains - Tax Liability Notice

05-08-2002, 08:30 PM

Regarding payouts at the BCA Nationals in Las Vegas this May:

If you are the team captain, here are the procedures you must follow in order to
avoid being 1099'd for ALL of your team's winnings, and owing personal income tax
on the total. This information was confirmed by Kathy Bristol at BCA headquarters in
Colorado springs, and relayed to me by a local team captain who was penalized last
year for not understanding the consequences of incorrect procedure.

Do not assume that BCA will distribute the tax liability just because they have all
your social security numbers. It doesn't work that way. The 1099 will go to the
person or persons who physically pick up the check(s).

If your team cashes, and you (the captain) do not wish to assume the tax liability,
you and your teammates MUST APPEAR AS A GROUP at the BCA pay window. Each
player must present his picture ID (driver's license, etc), fill out a form, and furnish
his social security number. Each member will then have a separate check cut for his
portion of the team winnings. VERY IMPORTANT!!: Players must appear AS A GROUP
with the captain. Individual players CANNOT visit the pay window SEPARATELY to
request their portion.

This is my explanation of the information, as I received it, from the principal who
does not have internet access. If you wish to verify or clarify my interpretation, call
Kathy Bristol at BCA headquarters, 866-872-7665.