View Full Version : Talisman's BK, I Played With It And...

07-25-2004, 12:18 PM
I went ahead and rounded the BK on my break stick to a big quarter round instead of leaving it flat as the day it was born, mostly because I wanted to see how it plays as a hard tip. Well it seems great so far, of course this comes from someone who loves hard tips to begin with. I just thought I'd give those who like hard tips, and who maybe are getting Tony to give them samples, to maybe try them not only for a break tip, a play tip as well. It holds chalk really well, and is a sweet hitter for someone like me who enjoys experimenting with harder tips. I will keep this tip on the breaker to see if it continues to play for me, and to give it the chance of delaminating, but I doubt it will being it was pressed so hard. Jm2c..sid

Forgot to mention that the jump segment of my BJ cue actually makes air now, not nearly like a dedicated jumper, it never was something I even thought about trying except for this exeperiment. I'd be interested in hearing somepne's feedback who actually install it on say, a Bungee BJ or one of the other many great jump segment produced my other manufacturers.

CC, you're in training so I understand you wouldn't be all that ready to experiment with your equipment, but think about installing one of these on something you jump with. I can imagine that for you, the control after getting air feature would possibly be very nice since it holds chalk so well. Just a thought. sv