View Full Version : Doug Riches/Cardiff

05-09-2002, 07:45 AM
As I am coming to try to qualiy, Mr. Riches, I might as well ask to audition for being a commentator.One of my core beliefs is that the pool commentary here in the U.S. has been poor and sometimes downright awful, as especially evidenced right now by Hopkins and Laurance.
If you'd like, I can send samples of my past work and references. The Accu-stats broadcasters do an excellent job, in general, despite their having to be more politically correct these days.I've done two or three hundred tapes with this fine group.
I have become good friends with a professional screen writer. When I told him some of my ideas for pool related TV projects, he liked them so much that he swore me to secrecy. We have been working diligently and just submitted two works which we have high hopes for, in large part because my new friend's connections enabled us to present our work two or three levels above where I could have gone.
Some things are discouraging though. He tells me that the average age of an American TV executive is 26.That might explain why my wife and I rarely watch the telly anymore. It is also not lost upon us that everybody in Germany knows who Al Bundy is.
At any rate I am looking forward to coming to England. Thank you, Grady Mathews