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07-30-2004, 09:01 PM
Over the years I have read a lot of threads on what is wrong with pool, especially pool on TV. I think one reason pool has not gained the popularity that we deserve is that the general public does not respect the game for the difficulty that is part of the game.

I have read threads that detail many different reasons why pool has failed.

For example:
1. Pros at the top level run out too often and make the game look too easy.
2. The general public does not understand the strategy involved.

While I like 9ball better, I think a modified game of 8-ball on big tables would be a way for the masses to support pro pool.

Just think of the untold number of players that play some form of bar 8-ball. Everybody understands the game at some level and can relate to it. Unfortunately ball table 8-ball does not look good on TV because the players tower over the table and make it look like a game.
When you play 8-ball on a big table the game becomes too easy because of the lack of clusters. Now how about if there were 6 more balls on the table? Would the skill level needed go up a bunch? Would there be more clusters? Would there be more strategy?
Would the massed understand the game? Yes.

You could rack the balls in a similar fashion with one extra row. Each group would have 10 balls to sink before the black ball. I think the English game of 8 ball is played with just solids and stripes with no numbers and we could have a similar format.

What do you think? Am I crazy? Maybe if it catches on, I could get a penny for each game that is played from here on out. Just kidding.

Mike Athens

09-03-2004, 04:13 PM
One would have to be muscular, tall, and have a solid stroke in order to break that many balls and avoid clusters. It is almost like hitting the cue ball to the rail as hard as you can and hope that the cue ball stays on the table the whole time without a slight bounce. And the rail is built so that balls dont bounce off the table if hit solidly, and it is a different story when a rack of balls is used instead. It is not impossible to have the cue ball not bouncing even just a little when breaking, but that requires practice and with the cost of the cue ball not travelling in maximum possible speed. And YES there are still big possibilities for clusters in 8-ball game or 9-ball game, especially when broke (played) by non-pro players. It will make pool extremely boring to regular non-pro players.

Besides, having the rule applies to pro players only is also not an option because regulars will want to play the way pros play. They will want to face what the pros are facing in tournaments. In short, most people copy the way the pros play. Only the newbies dont. And there are a lot more of non-pro, non-newbie players compared to the number of newbies.

How about overcoming the problem with the breaking? Choose lighter balls, and you will see a lot of balls in the air. Choose smaller balls, and someone will say "Ah! Snooker!!!". In fact, snooker is a lot less popular in USA, yet it is a lot tougher to play. I'd guess that the problem of impopularity of pool lies somewhere else.


09-05-2004, 11:46 AM
Hello there Iowa Mike... hope you are well.

The troubles I see with the Game are the Pool Room Owners and the Predators.

Most Pool Room owners are intested in their beer sales, not your Pool Game. Some Pool Room owners can't even play Pool. None of the many Pool Room owners, that I've known, are concientiously involved in teaching their customers to play better. They don't care.

If you went to the Bowling Alley & threw the bowling ball into the gutter, each time you tried, soon you would not go to the Bowling Alley, very soon you would not even drive by the Bowling Alley.

Most Pool Rooms don't even have a good player to help you out. The good players are lined up looking for a score. Very few Pool Rooms have a real Pro Shop. You go to any Bowling Alley or Golf Course, they have a Pro Shop and an Instructor. The Pro Shop & the Instructor is there to help the newbies.

Teaching the novice players to become better players will increase our numbers. That will increase the Pool Room Owner's bottom line.

Imagine lots of men and women at work, talking about their Pool League Nite instead of telling about their evening in a recliner watching FootBall, BasketBall or NASCAR. TV would have to address our soprt. ESPN wouldn't even rerun matches between two top ten women, even if they are great Players.

Having a nice clean place, to enjoy an evening playing Pool, would increase our numbers too. The floors are dirty, the bathrooms are stys and the seats are torn an uncomfortable.

The smoke and foul lanquage ad more putrification to the environment. The Pool Room owner doesn't give a rip about you or the game. He wants the dough, without providing the show.

The predators are like sharks. Sharks swim around in circles without bothering any other sharks, unless one is obviously weak. Then all of the sharks jump on the weak member of their group. Predators don't look for competition, predeators look for a score. Ever hear a predator say, "I played like God last evening, I lost $5000 but I played so great". You do hear them say, "gimme the 8 or the last two for $500". Predators don't want competition, they want a gimme buck.

This environment isn't a real welcome mat for lots of novice Players. There really isn't a welcome mat at all. The Pool Room owner doesn't go around & make introductions, the Pool Room owner sets behind the bar and dicusses scores and marks. The Pool Room owner isn't a pillar of the community. They don't offer to set up Pool Leagues for the community churches and/or schools. Schools around the country are starting to offer Billiards as part of their curriculum. That's a "green light" for every Pool Room owner in the USA... but they are deaf, dumb & blind.

What does the Pool Room owner display on TV? It ain't Pool or Billiards, but it should be. They shouldn't allow anything on that TV, but great matches or Instructional Series. They aren't selling FootBall or whatever.. they are selling our Game.

Our great sport may never see it's HEYDAY again. Somebody smeared some she-ut on the front windows of America's Pool Rooms and that she-ut stands as a warning to everyone that might enter.

09-05-2004, 07:05 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote mike_in_iowa:</font><hr> When you play 8-ball on a big table the game becomes too easy because of the lack of clusters. Now how about if there were 6 more balls on the table? Would the skill level needed go up a bunch? Would there be more clusters? Would there be more strategy? <hr /></blockquote>Play it for a couple of weeks and tell us how you like it.

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09-06-2004, 10:12 AM
Great Post ceebee!

09-06-2004, 11:55 AM
For pool to be successful on television it has to have (1) exciting personalities (2) a game that is fast and involves more than two players - and (3) lots of MONEY! And by money I don't mean holding up a 4 foot long check - I mean cash dumped out on the table by the bucket full. These are the things that will get the public excited and if the public gets excited the corporate sponsors get excited. That folks is what it is going to take to bring pool up the the televised level of golf, tennis, poker, or whatever. The game that will do this is the 10 ball ring game.

09-06-2004, 03:02 PM
Hey there Pel... I been shouting that from the roof tops. You are correcto-mundo. I would suggest a slightly different venue, than just plain 10 ball. Make it 6 players and a $25,000 buy in. But play Pay Ball. You make a ball and you get $500. You make the 10 ball, you get $2000. That would keep the cash going back and forth across the Table. Every Pool player would be in front of the BOOB TUBE when that program was showing...

Here's another passion of mine..

well.... we all enjoy Playing POOL or we probably wouldn't be on this Forum. If you want something to grow, you have to participate. BC TV may not be perfect, but it's sure nuff a start. Get yourself a membership &amp; ask your local Pool Hall owner to get a membership too. Not being able to see Billiards on TV is not good. Limited to viewing "ball" games is DUMBING us down. There are lots of things to see on TV, Billiards is one of them. It provides a lot of viewing enjoyment in lots of places, but not here in America.

Folks that look upon Pool Halls as seedy &amp; bad, because of gambling, are absolutely nuts. The Stock Market is the biggest &amp; costliest gamble on the planet &amp; those folks are heralded as the elite. There are more drunks &amp; gamblers at your local Country Club, than has ever been in a Pool Hall, why??? they've got more money &amp; time.

While we wait to have our sport recognized by the TV producers, become a member in a Pool League. Get your friends together &amp; maintain a team for a few years, play hard, go to Las Vegas for the BCA Extravaganza... you'll be glad you did. Get your friends to put their names on a petition to Budweiser or Frito-Lay to sponsor a local Pool Tournament (Hershey &amp; Snickers might help too).

Support your local Professional &amp; Pool hall owner by purchasing merchandise from him. Being a patron of eBay doesn't do anyone any good, you might save $75 on a Stick, but your local Professional might be more interested in you as a person, if you cared about him too. A couple of good tips on your Pool Game, from you local pro, might be worth a lot more than $75. Taking lessons, while becoming a better player too, helps support your Local professional.

Ask the Pool Hall Owner to have Instructional Videos or World Class matches on TV, instead on the usual baseball, football or basketball [censored]... SELL Pool, visit about Pool, think Pool, Play Pool, participate in what you like to do....

People are making inroads with our game, they are just slow. There are several schools that already have Billiards as a part of the curriculum, BCA is seeking to get Billiards as a OLYMPIC Sport.

Dress nice when you go to your Pool Hall or Sports Bar, talk nice &amp; act nice. Enjoy yourself &amp; enjoy your friends. Touch the cloth, feel the nap, Chalk that tip &amp; Look at the sparking gleam on the great colored balls, stroke that Mac, Meucci, Palmer, Bushka or house cue... it's great to be alive &amp; playing Pool.