View Full Version : A Belated Thank You for Maryland

05-09-2002, 10:30 AM
Hello Everyone!
Well, much to my chagrin I am posting this almost a week late, but as they say.....
I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the CAT tour stop in Maryland this past weekend. Three Cat Productions did a wonderful job running the tournament, and I loved the written and signed scorecards! These girls are really a boon to women's pool. Upon my return home I realized I had forgotten my Food Bank donation (Sorry Holly!) but I'll be sure to remember for Virginia in June.
For those of you not lucky enough to have a Champion Billiards in your area (I too am sorely deprived) I urge you to make a point of visiting one when an event comes up. There's been a lot of talk on this board about advancing our sport lately, and my suggestion is that we pool our financial recources and start buying these franchise locations! Folks, this is pool the way pool ought to be!! What more could you ask for than support of the amateur contigent during the day, and great entertainment at night?? To say nothing of affordable REAL food, terrific music, nice people, live bands, etc. I had a blast!!
I'd like to give a special Thank you to Steve, Champion's manager, who was pulling double duty as bartender on Saturday afternoon. Steve runs a lovely room, and is about as pleasant a guy as one could hope to meet. His staff is top notch, courteous and prompt. The waitresses even know better than to walk in front of you when you're shooting!!!
Congratulations to all who played at this event, and all who won. Thanks, 3 Cat, looking foward to many more!!!