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05-09-2002, 04:06 PM
John McChesney did an excellent job of conducting the tournament and it shows that experience pays off. He is direct and to the point in expressing the rules. In the calcutta, Kid Delicious went for $650 and Jeremy Jones went for $575. Paul Guernsey played with as much "fluidity" as anyone on the table and he certainly had a good chance to win the winners bracket at one point. Scotty Townsend was the most "fluid", however. James Davis Jr. was a steal in the calcutta and played very well in the matches especially in the one where he defeated Jeremy Jones. This young player came in Third.
Unfortunatly, sometimes tournaments are so cost prohibitive they dont materialize into much of a continuing entity for very long. They had difficulty raffling off any of the Phoenix cues, shrinking some of the profits they expected. But the food was great, ability to observe the games was generally good for a pool hall, no gate charge for the matches, and the competition outstanding for the first tournament. We all certainly hope next time more than 55 people come to play and the tournament does not become just another good idea. Pool, other than league play, is struggling everywhere-not just in Dallas, and C.J. Wiley and Roger Griffis are to be commended in trying to make the summer months, when pool hall business is generally poor, a time when we all can enjoy a tournament that will attract some quality players.


05-09-2002, 04:22 PM
Only 55 players? I was told they were at 100 days before the event. Phoenix Custom Cues holds a similar event monthly in Arizona and the turnout is generally better than 55 but they promote it heavily. If CJ and Roger do the same, the field should get deeper. I don't think a hell of a lot of outside promotion was done for this first event but now, "word of mouth" should help the next event.


Want to get together and shoot a little? I don't know many people here yet and could use a pool buddy. I'm also really good for the ego...most players stomp me into the carpet.