View Full Version : Lousy Health Care System!

08-05-2004, 09:43 AM
I want to vent a little about our health care, not talking about the cost mind you, but the actual "help" you get. As some here know I've been festering a tricky-twinge in my left arm/shoulder region for about 3 weeks now, and I've had the obvious advice from friends and family to "see the doctor" about it. Well, I've not gone, and here's my reasoning: I have listened to several of my friends recant their stories over the last year or so, they went in for an appointment for even more disabling reasons than mine, were immediately handed a pricey prescription and sent off still suffering for biggest part of another week, BEFORE any followup appointment was made with the next physician,,,explanation was that it had to be dealt Blue Cross first. These friends remained in a suffering state for that time, then had the next appointment, determined a pricier ex-ray was needed, and again was put off for another week, with the pain about the same as in the beginning. This story is so common-place that I truly feel that people are far better off to self-doctor themselves as much as they can, cuz all you are likely to get when you go to the doctor is a revolving door routine for more and more office visits, plus I can't find any real doctoring when you do get there!

Our health care system is not only expensive, it ain't near what it used to be as far as HELPING YOU! sid