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08-11-2004, 01:10 PM
That's how long it took to get the Aramith Stone Collection Set.. 7 weeks!

I ordered them for Father's day, found a replacement gift. Was going use them as a Retirement gift for the 4th of July week..missed that scheduled date. I was quite miffed.

I would never have found out that they were back ordered except, I called to see if they would arrive before Father's Day. I get a reply stating that they were on back-order. I should have requested a credit to my account and bought them else where after that info.

I kept getting a run-a-round from the "distributor" for the next 3 weeks.

After finally receiving them, they were an immediate hit. Getting used to the speed on an already fast Connelly table took some getting used to. Worth the wait? I guess. Have I learned a lesson in who to purchased from? Yes, I have.

Anyone else have any bad experiences with Online purchases?
I admit that it was partially my fault, but they had my email, and contact info..they could have notified me of the back-order.

08-11-2004, 01:28 PM
spill the beans dude. who's the culprit? /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif