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08-17-2004, 07:45 AM
Players and League Operators of Texas,

The BCA of Texas tournament has improved each year of it existence. W. C. Dixon, Pete Mora, Connie Turner and Charlene Mora have done a great service for the pool players of Texas. Their hard work and dedication to providing a state tournament for the players is greatly appreciated...

But, it is time to move forward. We have to realize there will be 2 separate league systems working for your participation. W. C. has decided to go with ACS. Some of us have decided to go with BCA. And that is as simple as it gets.

What is in question, is there enough players/teams/leagues going with BCA to hold a state tournament? If so, we need to find out who you are and if you would be interested in participating in the tournament this year.

We have enough time to work something out. SWEL would be more than interested in being the host league. We have contacts with a number of hotels here in the DFW area. We have tournament experience to insure that the tournament can be run efficiently and smoothly. We have contact with suppliers of the tables. All we require is a workable number of players, teams and leagues who are sanctioning with BCA.

We also would like to have a meeting at this year’s tournament to decide on the future of the BCA of Texas organization. Elect new officers, create by-laws and basically set a foundation for the state organization so it can provide and improve this tournament for years to come.

Please contact me if interested in providing the players of this Great State the opportunity to compete, enjoy, and have some FUN playing this game we all have the pleasure of playing.

Robert B Tabor
Co-owner of BOI, Billiards Options and Investments
SWEL, Southwest Eightball League
TNBL, Team Nine Ball League

admin@boi-swel.org or xrailbank@charter.net

(469)222-5969 cell