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08-21-2004, 07:21 AM
Does anyone else find BD's 'Run this rack' a bit annoying. I like the idea, but in a sport where precision plays an important role, it hard to accept some of the runouts. If you go to the Home page and look at this months edition, I will explain my reasoning. The 1st shot on the 1, a kick off the rail, with the 1 almost a whole diamond from the corner, I find it highly unlikely the cue would travel such a short distance after making the 1 and land perfectly straight on the 2. Let alone the 1 is a difficult shot in the first place. Later in the rack on the 5. The draw back for position on the 6 is flirting with a scratch in the side, when you need to be on that side of the 6 for the proper angle to break up the 8 and 9. After making the 6, the position on the 7 in the side is way off. Isn't it impossible from that angle to bring the cue straight back down table for position on the 8? I find any of the diagrams with balls tied up difficult because you don't know if a ball passes by the other. Am I being to picky? What does anyone else think?

08-21-2004, 08:16 AM
I have never looked at it before, I havent ordered my subscription yet.

In the example you give I agree the angle on the one looks like holding shape could be tough. But where I think they missed it was playing the break out with the six. IMO I would have broke the 7/8 with the 4 ball. The 5 is close enough to the corner to get decent shape on it after contact with the 8, and you would have an angle to get to the six instead of having to draw like you mentioned.

If they dont get shape on the six ball for the break out there is only one more ball on the table to help them, if you plan on using the 4 and dont get the break out then there are still a couple balls on the table to use. Although with the position of the 4, if you pocket the 4 breaking out the 8/9 shouldnt be a problem.

Any other opinions?

08-21-2004, 11:28 AM
I agree. Some of the runouts seem so farfetched. But then again, I'm no pro, just an average amateur. Where abouts in Pa. are you? I'm near Hershey.


08-21-2004, 02:00 PM
Nice out.

08-21-2004, 02:01 PM
Near Allentown

08-21-2004, 03:13 PM

I agree, making the one and holding straight in position (which you don't want anyway) would be difficult. The c/b will travel a bit farther, which is ok. I'll let 100 people shoot that shot and most of em will hit it fat. Probably because they don't see the angle or their trying to hold the c/b from traveling a little farther.

The problem I see with using the 4 as a break ball is if you hit it to hard. If if I learned anything from 14-1 it is, don't make another cluster that might be worst than the one your dealing with. Bump that 8 or nine to hard and there might not be a shot for the 6. I agree though if a slight nudge is all then it might be ok.

I don't think making a good angle on the 6 is any problem, there is at least 2 or three different routes. The one shown is one of the last I'd choose. I say that because he draws it back right to that spot. Most, I think, that plays this game is going to find a rail to hit then bounce out some. Since the side is there your flirting with a scratch unless you work the pocket with the 5 ball to avoid such.

A short one rail route (or possibly two) for position on the 6 isn't bad depending on the angle.
%AN7O5%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%Em2H7%Fg7X3%G^9M9%HM7N8%I L7O4%Pk8N8

Or a three rail route has you comming into the angle which depending on the angle I think is most simple.
%AN7O5%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%Em2H7%Fg7X3%G^9M9%HM7N8%I L7O4%Pk8N8

Hey for practice, I don't know how many do this but there is a drill for you. Just leave the balls there and go around the rack. It isn't in the way. Well anyway thats how I see it. We all do things different at times given our options. There is just some things we need to be aware of before making our decision. There is no one right way to run this rack depending on situations. That's why it's a game of adjustments on every shot.

Oh, I wanted to say depending on the layout it's not always wise to go for an early break out. Should something go wrong (oh it never does, right?) LOL you'd just leave an easy or easier runout for your opponent. In short the 6 is a fine ball for moving the 8/9 plus your hitting them on the correct side. Not to mention there will be two less balls on the table at that time. JMO


08-21-2004, 05:11 PM
For one thing, the ball paths look skewed to me. Look at the angle from the CB to the 7, then the path off the 7 to the 8. Looks to me just a forward roll on the 7 is plenty enough to get an acceptable shot on the 8.

And that kick off the one ball looks like the CB will travel far enough that both the 2 and the 3 need to go in the same corner pocket.

This one:


Looks tough to me. I think I'll take a printout to the pool hall tonight and see how well the 3-7 combo looks.