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09-07-2004, 01:02 PM
What makes a ball "Jaw" in the pocket????

09-07-2004, 01:51 PM

The pocket was not where you hit it. You did not hit the ball into the pocket but hit one of the two rails first or even the taper on the inside of the pocket. Some pockets are cut differently than others. Ones that are square to the pocket will let a ball fall more easily into the pocket while ones that are angled out from the pocket tend to rattle the ball and let it sit there. Hitting a ball too hard with english can cause the cue ball to squirt sideways so you have to compensate more with speed for that. Start by hitting with english and increasing the speed on each shot. You will see what a difference that can make, especially at distance from the object ball and pocket.

Lastly, everyone jaws balls. Most over hit with more speed than is needed for all of their shots. About an hour of hitting balls with just enough speed to barely make the pocket will show you how much value is in that statement. However, when you do need speed and power, you need to have hit enough of them with compensation to rocket the ball into the center of the pocket. Easier said than done, I know but that's pool.


09-07-2004, 02:27 PM
Hi Mitch,

Greetings from Scranton, PA.

About jawing in pocket!!!

Everything that was previously stated hits the nail on the head.

I do not spend much time in local billiard parlors anymore but I recently had a chance to play at one of the local pool establishments near Scranton and noticed this "interesting problem" with some corner pockets.

Before I mention the problem it is always a good idea to completely check over the table; you'll see what I mean when I relate what I noticed.

Now, I nearly always hit very firm strokes; so, while running balls down the rails I noticed that the corner pockets by the rack consistantly jawed the object ball. So I closely inspected the pockets and this is what I found. The inside facings for the end rail were bowed outwards in the middle, meaning that the object ball when struck hard rebounded outwards EVERYTIME; this cause the ball to jaw, and because of the way the jaws were cut, the ball caromed a good distance from the pocket.

So, don't always blame yourself; check the table also.

The table I played on was table number 1, usually these tables are reserved for the "house heros" and any sucker who wanders in from out of town. My guess is the pockets were cut on purpose, giving the "house heros" an advantage.


And always remember, don't YIP it

09-07-2004, 02:33 PM
Deeman...I play almost dominantly on one particular table in No. Dallas, this table has one particular corner pocket that is retarded...it jaws anything slightly mis-hit with med speed, even approaching the slow zone it hangs balls, been that way for years. I don't know how many times my opponent and I have said, "There's that BAD pocket!" Sometimes it's just that pocket and the others are fine. You are right, if you hit the pocket clean it ain't jawing unless you pound it and it bounced of a leather pocket backing or something, and the slower the speed the better for the bobbled hangups...sid

09-07-2004, 02:44 PM
One distinct possibility is that the "shelf" is wider than you're accustomed to.
The shelf is measured from where the nose of the cushion changes direction (the "point") to the center of the vertical cut of the slate pocket radius. Corner Pockets should be between 1 5/8" minimum to 1 7/8" maximum.


09-07-2004, 02:44 PM
This video clip shows exactly why balls rattle:


I saw it a few weeks ago on rec.sport.billiards.

More clips (and his book/CD) here:


12-01-2004, 03:00 PM
www.engr.colostate.edu/pool/high_speed_videos/HSV3-8.htm (http://www.engr.colostate.edu/~dga/pool/high_speed_videos/HSV3-8.htm) shows what happens in super-slow-motion.

Also, the instructional articles at:
www.engr.colostate.edu/pool/bd_articles (http://www.engr.colostate.edu/~dga/pool/bd_articles/index.html)
dealing with "Just How Big are the Pockets, Anyway?" explain in details what is happening.