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09-07-2004, 05:15 PM
It is a bit of a pain to search through all of the brackets on AZBilliards, so I created this summary of the results of the first set of matches at the Open. Matches are listed in pairs with the name in the right column obviously being the winners. (Yeah CC!)
<ul type="square">

Alex Pagulayan
Bye__________ Alex Pagulayan
Ike Runnels
Timmy Hall Ike Runnels
Grady Mathews
Bye__________ Grady Mathews
Bobby Hunter
Nicolas Guimond Nicolas Guimond
Fabio Petroni
Bye__________ Fabio Petroni
Robert Valle
Adam Stanton Adam Stanton
Imran Majid
Bye__________ Imran Majid
Mike Fieldhammer
Tom Karabatsos Tom Karabatsos
Frankie Hernandez
Bye__________ Frankie Hernandez
David Krolick
Nick Hickerson Nick Hickerson
Richard Hamlin
Bye__________ Richard Hamlin
Frank Alvarez
Mark Jarvis Frank Alvarez
Francisco Bustamante
Bye__________ Francisco Bustamante
Edgar Acaba
Craig Wolfe Edgar Acaba
Eddie Galati
Tony Davis Eddie Galati
Tang Hoa
John Moody Tang Hoa
Shannon Daulton
Bye__________ Shannon Daulton
Kevin West
Alva Abernathy Kevin West
Chris Orme
Bye__________ Chris Orme
Miguel Laboy
Chuck Raulston Chuck Raulston
Buddy Hall
Bye__________ Buddy Hall
Ron Zampko
David Matlock David Matlock
Brandon Ashcraft
Joseph Trevino Brandon Ashcraft
Matt Krah
Bye__________ Matt Krah
Efren Reyes
Bye__________ Efren Reyes
John Pallaria
John Kulikowski John Pallaria
Jason Klatt
Bye__________ Jason Klatt
Shawn Keaton
Cary Dunn Shawn Keaton
Corey Deuel
Bye__________ Corey Deuel
Gregg Hagin
Ricardo Chavez Gregg Hagin
Jeff Abernathy
Danny Hewitt Jeff Abernathy
Masaki Hashimoto
Mike Gulyassi Masaki Hashimoto
Mike Davis
Bye__________ Mike Davis
Jeff Hunter
Carmen Lombardo Carmen Lombardo
Jeff White
Bye__________ Jeff White
David Rowell
Keith Bennett Keith Bennett
Dave Bollman
Bye__________ Dave Bollman
Frank Krenzer
Eric Hjorliefson Eric Hjorliefson
Blair Lawson
Bye__________ Blair Lawson
Edguardo Irizarry
Dan Louie Edguardo Irizarry
Rodolfo Luat
Bye__________ Rodolfo Luat
Sam Monday
Chris Bartrum Chris Bartrum
Paul Potier
Bye__________ Paul Potier
Alan Rolon
John Binion John Binion
Ralf Souquet
Bye__________ Ralf Souquet
Johanna Krenzer
Jerry Grooms Jerry Grooms
Lee Holt
David Selbrade Lee Holt
Howard Lemaster
Marino Krajevik Marino Krajevik
Johnny Archer
Bye__________ Johnny Archer
George McClanahan
Paul Genovese George McClanahan
Tommy Kennedy
Bye__________ Tommy Kennedy
Joseph Arbuckle
Billy Bailey Joseph Arbuckle
Jose Parica
Bye__________ Jose Parica
Marco Tschudi
Rob Hart Marco Tschudi
Michael Fuller
Mike Petrie Michael Fuller
Tony Coats
Bye__________ Tony Coats
Jose Garcia
Bye__________ Jose Garcia
Dave Hemmah
Jason Cruz Jason Cruz
Bryan Yi
Bye__________ Bryan Yi
Clarence Keaton
Bill Hammock Clarence Keaton
Thorsten Hohmann
Bye__________ Thorsten Hohmann
John Wimms
Robb Saez Robb Saez
Eric Moore
Marc Dunay Eric Moore
Keith McCready
Ryan McCreesh Ryan McCreesh
Jeremy Jones
Bye__________ Jeremy Jones
Chris Loar
Bruce Choyce Chris Loar
Don Pao
Bye__________ Don Pao
Larry Kressel
Bob Maidhof Larry Kressel
Niels Feijen
Bye__________ Niels Feijen
Nathan Thuyrs
Chris Aiardo Chris Aiardo
Marty Ciccia
Bye__________ Marty Ciccia
Marco Marquez
Wes Warren Marco Marquez
Danny Basavich
Bye__________ Danny Basavich
Richie Richeson
Robert Hicks Richie Richeson
Donnie Mills
Bye__________ Donnie Mills
Justin Daniels
Pablo Matheu Justin Daniels
Marcus Chamat
Bye__________ Marcus Chamat
Martin Rimlinger
David Grossman David Grossman
Merrek Derrick
Byung Sup Yi Merrek Derrick
Mark Ford
Kent Wuethrich Mark Ford
Young Hwa Jeong
Bye__________ Young Hwa Jeong
Tony Mougey
Curtis Coleman Curtis Coleman
TF Whittington
Bye__________ TF Whittington
Joey Korsiak
Ed Scott Joey Korsiak
Ronnie Wiseman
Bye__________ Ronnie Wiseman
Ron Park
Jo Ka Nim Ron Park
Tony Rodriguez
Vincent Goh Tony Rodriguez
Tony Chohan
Bye__________ Tony Chohan
Mike Lebron
Bye__________ Mike Lebron
Bobby Pickle
Marsitall Beasley Bobby Pickle
Scott Rabon
Bye__________ Scott Rabon
Dennis Coulter
Frank Lonero Frank Lonero
Mika Immonen
Bye__________ Mika Immonen
Voytek Partika
Danny Medina Voytek Partika
Ed Brooks
William McGuire William McGuire
Charles Bryant
Mathew Riggs Charles Bryant
Luc Salvas
Bye__________ Luc Salvas
Marty Sawinski
James Conn Marty Sawinski
Allen Hopkins
Bye__________ Allen Hopkins
Shaun Wilkie
Robert Ray Shaun Wilkie
Earl Strickland
Bye__________ Earl Strickland
George Margolla
Danny Bell George Margolla
Charlie Brinson
Bye__________ Charlie Brinson
Jim Henson
Tyler Edey Tyler Edey
Shawn Putnam
Bye__________ Shawn Putnam
David Stinson
John Macias John Macias
Miguel Batista
Delton Howard Delton Howard
Josh Brothers
Bye__________ Josh Brothers
Tony Robles
Bye__________ Tony Robles
Chris Loafman
John Morton John Morton
Peter Genovese
Julio Aquino Julio Aquino
Ted Guerreri
Brandon Shuff Brandon Shuff
John Schmidt
Bye__________ John Schmidt
Larry Nevel
Barry Noel Larry Nevel
Jimmy Reid
Bye__________ Jimmy Reid
Troy Frank
Larry Pearce Troy Frank
Rodney Morris
Bye__________ Rodney Morris
Pooky Rasmeloungon
Joe Sorocenski Pooky Rasmeloungon
Benny Conway Jr
Ty Wilson Ty Wilson
Jack Stenner
Bye__________ Jack Stenner
Scott Frost
Bye__________ Scott Frost
Dan Kolacz
John Camire Dan Kolacz
Bobby Weimar
Bye__________ Bobby Weimar
Ricky Bingham
Bill Hondry Ricky Bingham
Santos Sambajon
Bye__________ Santos Sambajon
Craig Cochrane
Gabe Owen
Chris Futrell
Chris Szuter Chris Szuter
Stanley Wilk III
Bye__________ Stanley Wilk III


09-07-2004, 05:26 PM
Congrats to CC. Can't wait for the update after tonight's match.

Incidentally, the 2 AZB players also won their first matches. Voytek Partika (Bazarus) beat Danny Medina and faces Mika next, and John Morton (Rude Dog) beat Chris Loafman and faces Tony Robles. Rude Dog was sponsored by the AZB board, as many know.

Good luck to everyone.


09-07-2004, 05:27 PM
Have a little spare time on your hands, did you? Thanks Ross.