View Full Version : Ryder Cup Woes

09-20-2004, 07:43 AM
Right, so someones got to ask the question.
What happened to the States? They got blown out by Europe in the most lob-sided victory in Ryder Cup history. They have also droped 4 of the last 5 events. For all the talent, depth, and golf tradition What's going on? St

09-21-2004, 03:37 AM
I have wondered the same thing. It almost "seems" that some of the team USA members just dont have the same deep level of caring that they should. I know they all want to win but it seemed that Europe wanted to win "more".

Plus, what is up with Phil switching clubs (drivers, woods)2 weeks before this event? Why couldn't he just wait 2 weeks and then switch? Also, why did Phil refuse to practice with the team 2 days before the event started?

Another thing. Did anyone else think that pairing up Tiger and Phil was NOT a good thing? I know they are both incredible talents in the game, but they just simply don't seem to care really one bit about each other.

09-22-2004, 06:02 AM
I think they might play better if they cared slightly less actually. What Phil was thinking switching clubs and balls 2 weeks before is beyond me though. He is back to his old outlook almost it seems.

Pairing Phil and Tiger was stupid. But it is clear Sutton was a stupid, stubborn, obnoxious captain. He said ridiculous things since being appointed. In fact, something he said 2 years ago after being appointed was so bad I thought Tiger should have refused to play this year. But Tiger showed some class by showing up and playing for a guy who called him out publically and unfairly. Maybe Tiger didn't want to deal with the heat that a refusal to play for sutton would entail, I dunno. But sutton sure didn't deserve to have Tiger on the team at all.

The only player I really criticize (aside from Phils switch) is Riley for refusing to play saturday afternoon. I think he and Tiger could have won even if riley was tired. Sutton made a huge error not putting riley and tiger together before, and should have sent riley out anyway.