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09-24-2004, 09:52 AM
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The Unjustified Pre-emptive War

WASHINGTON DC Sept. 11, 2002

The US war in Afghanistan reached a tragic milestone yesterday with the death of the 500th US soldier since the invasion of August 11, 2001. Critics blasted President George W. Bush, with John Kerry calling this "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Ted Kennedy said "George Bush concocted the supposed "terrorist threat" in Crawford Texas, along with Dick Cheney, in order to enrich their buddies at Haliburton and Raytheon. This war, as President Bush surely knew ahead of time, was concocted on false pretenses. We now know the plans for hijacking planes never existed. In all the searching throughout that country, evidence of the plans has not been found."

Al Gore said, during a speech at The World Trade Center, "the non-existent hijack plans were an excuse to get into Afghanistan and build the pipeline from the Caspian region to enrich George Bush's buddies at Exxon-Mobil. HE BETRAYED THIS COUNTRY !!!"

John Edwards, at an appearance in Ohio, tearfully said "there never were any plans to hijack planes. Why are we in Afghanistan when we should be worried about a proven threat named Saddam Hussein?"

Tom Harkin, at an appearance in Shanksville PA, said "George Bush, in typical chicken-hawk fashion, has sent troops in harm's way while he dodged the draft. When I was in Vietnam..."

At this point a reporter interrupted Harkin and reminded him that he was never in Viet Nam, even though he had claimed to be. He was actually in Japan. Harkin replied "I have to get back to work for the good people of Iowa and the rest of the American people"

President Bush, at an appearance in San Francisco, was interrupted by several rather unkempt and malodorous protestors shouting:

"Hey ho, hey ho
Where's the hijacking plans? We don't know"

And Sheila Jackson Leigh, whie visiting Bill Clinton in Harlem, stated "the war in Afghanistan was high on the CIA's agenda so they could keep the opium crop flowing to the black community"

Bush was overheard whispering to his wife "sometimes you get the rolls, sometimes the rolls get you..."

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j/k, I thought it was a good post. True, too.
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