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05-15-2002, 01:07 PM
I just received my new Lucasi L2008. Are there any dos & don'ts I should know about. It weighs 20 oz. I might want that lowered a little to 19.5 oz. In the 60s I shot with a Brunswick that had a weight of M. Then in 81 I had a Spain cue made with a weight of 19.5 oz. And I also purchased a Vinking then. It feels lighter then the Spain's 19.5 oz weight.

Back when I played pool no one broke with their cues. How about now? Is it still considered bad to break with your playing cue? Is there anything I should either do or be sure not to do with my new cue. I was told it comes with a Triangle tip. But I forgot to ask what the hardness was. I don't plan on changing the tip. I would like to know so I can form an opinion on what hardness to use when I either purchase a Predator shaft for this cue or for when I have to replace the tip. I'll probably use the tip pik on it and maybe a tapper. I really don't like cutting or shaping the tip much. I'massuming the tip comes ready to play.
And as far as the shaft is concerned I usually just wipe it off with a paper towel or some toilet paper when I'm finished playing. And I have a Q Wiz I will use on it. Maybe in the beginning I will just use the burnishing side. My hands get dirty and sticky or oily when I shoot. I used to always wash them every couple of hours. But at the closest place where I play there and no hand dryers or towels so I haven't been washing them until I'm finished practicing.

05-15-2002, 02:30 PM
Sounds like you're doing right. Triangle's don't need much shaping or trimming. I pound on mine with a tip pick when I get mad. Always wash your hands a few times a session. Get that blue stuff and dirt and sweat off. Weight is a personal preference. Balance has a lot to do with how much you perceive a cue to weigh.


John in NH
05-15-2002, 07:45 PM
Hi Eddie,

If you don't mind I'll number your questions for ease of identification:

1. 20 oz cue vs 19.5

Should not be any noticeable difference.

2. Breaking with your cue

For me breaking with my cue would require that I spend
more time working on the tip (possible miscues).

I have a separate break cue, easier to maintain.

3. You can purchase a tip tool for around $20.00 which
you can use to maintain the shape of the tip (takes
about 5 minutes each application)

4. I carry a dry cloth and carry it in my cue case to wipe
down the cue before or after my pool session.

Good luck with your new cue,


05-15-2002, 08:40 PM
Hi Eddie,

I use the Q Wiz sometimes to get the worst stuff off and then I clean the cue with cigarete lighter fluid. It polishes it really well and I think it works better than anything I've ever tried.....and I've tried everything on the market...I think. While playing I'll sometimes use a leather burnisher or the other side which has a slightly abrasive nylon material that cleans the chalk dust off. Try the lighter fluid! I really love how it works.

05-15-2002, 08:57 PM
I play with a $1200 Q & break with it most of the time. HOWEVER.....When you break, you might gouge the finish on the top of the rail, as you drive the Q forward. You might flatten the tip sooner than if you used it for playing only. You might drive forward & lean down on the Q with the follow through & snap the shaft. The tip may fly off. The inlays might loosen up & come out. Your follow through could slap the bottom of the light, over the table, & dent the shaft. If the tip has been warn down, you could crack the ferrule. This is just a quick list of, not so nice, things that could happen, plus a break Q with a more FLAT tip, tends to put more tip surface on the Q ball. I recomend a BREAK Q...JER

05-15-2002, 09:07 PM
Thanks for the tips. I practiced with my new Lucasi for about 4 hours today. I just wiped it down with a paper towel when I got home. Then I removed the stickers from the shaft & the butt. Then I just quickly wiped off the leftover glue with another paper towel. Sort of like burnishing it I guess.

The Lucasi gives a firmer, more solid feeling hit then the old Viking I was using. It is heavier. The Lucasi weighs 20 oz. I know the Viking always felt lighter then my 19.5 oz Spain cue. My Viking had a #4 joint with a 3/8s by 10 thread. That gives a soft hit. Maybe that is the sound it sometimes makes.

I probably won't be using the lighter fluid or any cleaners or waxes on my shaft. I tried the lighter fluid back in the 60s and it did work well. I have a friend who is about 10 years older then me. I'm 50. And he was pretty good at 3 cushion. And his IQ is very high. He showed me the lighter fluid cleaning back in the 60s. And he would also use a dollar bill or a match book to burnish his cue.

The one thing I noticed I was doing poorly at was draw. But I haven't really been drawing the ball too well in any of my sessions so far. Maybe the new tip shape has a little to do with my draw problems. But I'm sure most of it is just my poor stroke.

05-16-2002, 06:35 AM
Hit as low as you can and follow thru real long! The rock will come right back to ya.

05-16-2002, 07:35 AM
First, is your Lucasi L2008 a left-hand or right-hand model? Is the wrap applied from north-to-south or south-to-north?

Seriously, I have two friends who own Lucasi cues and break with them. One had the shaft split, the other had the stainless joint come loose.

So...do you break with it? It depends...is the place where you bought the cue going to stand behind it or tell you "sorry...you shouldn't have broke with it."

Not to mention the tip will mushroom quicker than a 450 pound secretary's sumo-proportionate bountiful derriere.



05-16-2002, 08:24 PM
Clean it, tip and all before putting it away. Leave the shaper and pik at home after you've gone through the initial mushrooming, and break only at a reduced speed compared to your usual break, doesn't mean soft but just take a little off. I advise breaking with another cue but your play cue can take the hit and it does feel good breaking with it.

Most of all, don't lend the cue to friends. You know the ones you really trust, that's ok. Thing is that many people just don't honor cues like the proud owner...sid~~~knows that a tip will form itself to your stroke, pik & scuff is just a nervous twitch amongst players