View Full Version : Midwest Expo Update ~ Last one!

10-03-2004, 07:05 AM
We have stopped taking checks so anyone who is a late bloomer, your check may still be in the box and stay there.

The golf outing has been canceled do to lack of participation and do to meeting a quota. Our ever friendly resort wanted us to guarantee like 60 plus people for the golf dinner and that was just not happening, so we canceled the event. Although, they have extended a player rate of $25.00 per person to golf the 18 holes.

The hotel room block did sell out, I have persuaded the resort to be friendly and extend the room rate to my players. If you have a hard time booking a room or getting the correct room rate, call me at 630-244-2900. I can either make your reservation or make sure that they fix yours.

IF you have any problems with your room, hotel staff or the facility, please contact me immediately. It is impossible for me to do anything a year later.

Looking forward to seeing all attending.