View Full Version : aluminum tubes and war

10-04-2004, 12:42 PM
The NYT's has an excellent article about the history of the intelligence about the purported Iraqi aluminum "nuclear centrifuge" tubes and how that intelligence was used and distorted for political purposes. The article is very long, but it makes for interesting reading. It includes a detailed account of how the conclusion that the tubes were definitely for nuclear uses originated first from a single analyst named Joe who was fairly new to the agency. It then describes how the dissenting views of other agencies got buried when the Bush admin was trying to justify going to war with Iraq.

For you conservatives that are suspicious of mainstream media, especially when it is critical of Republican administrations, rest assured that it doesn't give either Kerry or Edward much credit for really paying attention to the intelligence either. It also has a lot of implied criticism of it's own non-reporting of the issue at the time.