View Full Version : UPA Atlanta Open Qualifier

10-06-2004, 06:42 PM
Qualifier Tournament for 3rd Annual Dragon Promotions UPA Atlanta Open

Winner gets FREE entry fee to UPA Pro Event in Atlanta
Oct 10, 2004

Murphys Brass Rail
Athens GA

Call 706-369-3924

$30 entry fee(exempted from any UPA membership fees)

No UPA Pros allowed

Winner of qualifer moves on to play in main event against the best players in the world for $10,000 to the winner.
goto www.upatour.com (http://www.upatour.com) for full main event details

10-06-2004, 07:13 PM
Hi Charlie,

Are women allowed? I've heard conflicting reports on whether women are allowed in UPA events...


Chris Cass
10-06-2004, 10:23 PM
Hi Charlie,

Missed you at the US Open this time around. I know you have something going with that deal but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have enjoyed meeting you once again.



9 Ball Girl
10-07-2004, 08:34 AM
Hi Spetty! I'm not answering for Charlie but when we held the Big Apple Tournament qualifiers, women were allowed. Matter of fact, Brenda Heras had played and I remember asking Alexandra Dyer if she was allowed and she told me that she was told by one of the UPA reps, forgot which one, that because it's a qualifier, she was.