View Full Version : Krusty's perfect pool hall.

05-15-2002, 10:14 PM
Krustys perfect pool hall. I want the same things that most people want. Room between tables, smoke eaters, volume of the music turned down. But here are a few many people haven't mentioned.

Dress Code, nothing big, sweat pants belong in the garden or when you're jogging. Same with clothes with holes in them. If you got a hole in the backside of your jeans, don't wear them to the pool hall.

Kids, if you want to bring your kid in to play pool with you, no problem. Although I will debate if this is the best environment for a kid to be in. That's a different thread altogether. But don't bring in your kid to run around the pool hall while your shooting pool. The owner isn't there to babysit for you and neither are the other player's. Kids under 5 should NEVER be in most pool halls. One guy brings his infant child in and lets him cry all day long. It's not just for pool player's sake but for the kids sake too. Disgusting when a 9-month-old baby is sitting in a cloud of smoke. They should take the kid away from him.

Hats, personal pet peeve, hats don't belong on your head indoors. This seems to be a younger person trait more than anybody else. In some places they are letting the kids wear hats in school. My dad would have slugged me.

Swearing, you're not on a ship, so don't swear like a sailor. One guy, every second word is f***. I wish they would kick him out. It's not rocket science; it's all about respect. Respect the other people in the poolroom. Before anybody throws this back in my face let me say, I might not agree with you or like what you think or do, but I will respect your rights to do or think them.

Smoking, I don't care if you smoke in the poolroom, your choice and I can leave. But don't come up and sit beside me when I'm eating and expect me to be happy when you blow smoke in my face. Respect.


05-16-2002, 10:04 PM
We've got a guy in our room, speaks five different languages. Rarely makes it past F@*! in any of them. Funny as hell.