View Full Version : How bad was that call?

05-16-2002, 02:32 AM
Last night I watched a match betweem Busta and Chao. It is an old match, probably 2 years ago. It was on the ESPN Zone, amazing. Just a filler, Tournament of champions. Oh yes the beautiful balls, yuck, gag, and barf. Well you get my drift, even if the snow is light. Hoppy and Mitch are doing the commentary. Busta breaks the balls and the c/b goes towards the breaking end of the table. The c/b makes a left turn into the corner pocket without hitting another ball. Hoppy says something to the effect, (and I don't know the exact words) that Busta hits the c/b low on his brakes. In a Minnisota minute I know what happened, but I couldn't believe he refered to low english. For those interested here is what the c/b did on that break. Wei Table.
%AN7O5%BL7P8%CJ5O4%DL7N1%EM7P1%FK6P1%GK6N8%HM7N8%I L7O4%Pg4X1
You make the call!