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10-13-2004, 04:08 AM
Would you prefer to hear the truth about the opposing party, or are you satisfied with all the lies and exaggerations spewing from both parties? Whenever you hear something negative about the opposing party, do you ever bother to research it from an unbiased source, or do you just take it as is and call it the truth? I swear some of the things that are said on this board about each candidates sometimes are so far off it's almost comical. For example, the rumor that George W. Bush refused to sell his house to black people, that is just stupid. The truth is, his house was built during the times of slavery, and the people who owned the house many years before him made it so the deed said that a black person cannot ever own the house. Many houses built at that time said supposedly had covenants written barring black people from owning the house. Dubya even admitted he did not know about that covenant when he bought the house, and even if he did, the covenant was banned a long time ago.

How about all this speculation that John Kerry betrayed his fellow soldiers in Vietnam? The truth is, that atrocities were being committed by our soldiers quite often over there. The stress of combat caused many men to go berserk in the battlefield. What the Vietcong were doing to our soldiers also made our men become bloodthirsty. After seeing or hearing about the brutal torture and murder of POW's, it was no surprise that our GI's had no value for any Vietnamese life. They would go through villages and kill men, women, and children, and torch the village. John Kerry protested the war because so many of our men were being killed, and because so many of them were suffering from combat stress, and basically going crazy. Many vietnam veterans to this day need psychological attention.

Oh, but Kerry betrayed them all, right? I am not surprised that nobody from the RNC has mentioned that Kerry was the only person in the senate along with John McCain to do a long, extensive investigation about the speculation that thousands of our GI's were being held captive in Vietnam many years after the war. Kerry in fact visited Vietnam 5 times during that investigation, he himself questioned thousands of former vietnamese soldiers and officers about the whereabouts of the POW MIA's. This is what sparked the friendship between Kerry and McCain.

One more zinger- Did you know that the head of the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth was a man who was recruited by Richard Nixon to do a smear campaign against John Kerry? Kerry and this man had a live debate on national television on this matter, about Kerry's opposition to the war, and Kerry destroyed him with facts. It's no surprise that nobody from the RNC mentions this. Why am I going on so long about Kerry's war record? Because my father being a 100% disabled veteran, and him being a former POW, it absoloutely DISGUSTS me to see people making a smear campaign about someone's SERVICE FOR HIS COUNTRY in a war, and a man's efforts to end the war when he came back.

10-13-2004, 07:28 AM
I rather hear the truth like everyone else but once one party starts the BSing the other party feels compel to follow suit and that leads to where we are now disgusted with both candidates. becuase they both fear to admit the truth about mistakes that were and are being made by one side and the other sides failure to explain in detail their plan to correct the current state that we are in.

BTW sorry to hear about your old man being a POW had to be Hell, he must be one great person.

10-13-2004, 09:05 AM

You are right about all the mud. It is discusting and more so that most of us fall for it, in line with our party preferences. I think more of us than would care to admit will hold our nose while we vote this year, no matter which candidate we choose.
wished they would dig up FDR or Truman and run them...

10-13-2004, 11:33 AM
Personally, I don't care who did what. I want an assesment of the current conditions of the country, what's going to be done about it, and exactly how it's going to work.

I would have smoked them both in those debates and I don't even know anything about the issues, it's just from watching educational TV.